Using phpBay Lite For Ebay-Affiliated Store Finally Made Me Abit Of Money

Finally, my first positive income from setting up an ebay-affiliated website. After finding the solution to my problem for my iphone niche, it has finally made a little income. Check out my stats which i extracted from the Though the amount is just $11.70, but at least the traffic is pretty targeted. For 45 clicks, I earn $11.70 commission, which gives me an conversion rate of $0.26 per click.

ebay earnings for june 2008

ebay earnings graph june 2008

There are 3 alternatives you can use to have those ebay auctions onto your site:

1 – Try out BANS which i think is $97 but BANS only allow you to build ebay stores=> Built A Niche Store (BANS)

2 – You can use this software that is currently free (partial version) call phpBay Lite Plugin for WordPress. There is also a paid version that allows you to setup an ebay, commission junction store as well.

3- Storestacker. So far the most comprehensive software that allows you to create clickbank, ebay, amazon, overstock, regnow and hotelclub stores. And it has RSS feeds as well as youtube videos as well.

I believe if you are focus, you can definitely earn more than my meagre sum of money.



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