Is Your Website Accused Of Phishing? I Got Hacked And Resolve It The Hard Way!

I have been pretty inactive for a while since my niche is not for xmas, my clickbank sales really took a dive.  Anyway, I was enjoying myself watching so many movies and episodes online that I have to say I really enjoyed myself throughout december.

The best part of 2009 is that I found a IM coach that is coaching 12 of us to be better in our preselling of products to customers and hopefully, that works out!

The worst part of 2009, the really BIG BANG for me happened on January 2nd, 2009.  I was about to prepare for a launch of my new adwords campaign and my webhost, Bluehost, dropped me a BOMB! They banned my account because my site is listed as a phishing email site.


Worst part, bluehost couldn’t really advise me on what to do except to say I have to remedy the situation.  First time encountering such times and sadly, when you look around online, there is alot of solutions for normal email users but not much solutions for webmasters.  It is so damn frustrating.

The only thing I found out is to be careful of all php and asp files and html files are relatively safe from being used as phishing.  So it was time to do some clean up.

There was no software that I could find to detect which files my web host has that is causing the phishing or could I get bluehost to help in resolving since they say they only provide hosting and it is each person’s own responsibility to take care of what type of software we install onto their server.  Sickening but they do have it in their terms and conditions.  One thing good was that their live chat support was able to answer me immediately to let me gain access to my domain hosting so that I can rememdy the situation.  And once everything was resolved, using their live chat (which is really instant), they enabled my websites to be shown again once I explained my resolution.

So how did I solve the problem?

The best way I know how.

A- Backup all my database,

B – Backup all my web files,

C – Reinstall everything one by one.

I split my solutions into 3 categories =>

1 – websites that are purely HTML

-> Since I read that HTML files seem to be safe, all my websites that are purely HTML will be copied from my backup straight back to my web server.  Just need to make sure that the files are uploaded without problems. This solution if it is pure HTML files.

If you have any php files, Look through the php codes to see if there are any unfamiliar codes sending out some funny commands.

2 – Purely WordPress blogs

First thing you need to do is to backup all your database tables.  Remember to take note which tables belong to which of your wordpress blogs.  This is very important.

Take note of the SQL tables below


You may have other tables but it most likely belongs to other wordpress plugins and not from your original wordpress SQL tables.

2a – The whole point I am trying to achieve is that I am going to backup all my wordpress blogs into my harddisk, uninstall all my wordpress blogs using bluehost web host’s fantastico function.  And if there are any remaining files left in the folder, I will delete them all.

2b – Then I will reinstall each blog one by one using the fantastico function again.

2c – Then I will upload my previous wordpress theme that was backed up into my harddisk.

2d – Once done, login to your phpMyadmin function in your web host.

2e – Find the correct database that you have backup on your harddisk and reload it back into your SQL tables.


For the wp_comments, the data is the people who commented on your blog so it is up to you if you want it to be loaded or not.

For wp_users, this is not necessary since you have already specified a new profile when reinstalling your wordpress blogs.

2f – Reload whatever plugins you need.

2g – Test if all the links are working.

3 – Mixture of HTML and wordpress

This type of situation is when you have normal HTML files as your main files and have a added blog.  Just combined my 2 solutions above if you are in such a situation.

3a -Backup the wordpress SQL tables.  Backup all files and folders for that domain into your harddisk.

3b – Remove all files and folders for that domain in your web host. Uninstall wordpress blog from fantastico.

3c- Add back all your html files first and ensure everything is working.

3d – Reinstall wordpress blog. Load back your previous wordpress theme as well.

3e – Load back the wordpress data that you back up previously.

3f – Test.  Load any plugins that you need.

The End Of Solution

Above is my brief way to resolve my phishing website problems.  Took me 2 full days to complete everything above.  There are many other details I missed out, especially if you are not good in technical stuff like reloading SQL data back after reinstalling wordpress.

Plugin and Applications To Note

There are many web applications and wordpress plugins you have to be careful because these programmers may code good uses of applications and plugins, but it may potentially open up your web server to be hacked as these codes may lack security measures or open loopholes that allows hackers to make your website become a phishing website like mine.


Ok, I have to put this because I have no idea if I have resolve the situation.  I do know that I have cleared almost all files that I am allowed to delete and reinstalled anything (those with php files) that is from bluehost capabilities and not from my previous backup.  Only files I reused are those HTML files.  Logically, since there are no more files left, then it means I have a clean slate in the web server.  But I am not sure so please don’t blame me if it does not work for you.  So far, no more problems on my side but keeping my fingers crossed.



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Disappointed With Jo Han Mok’s 60 Minutes To Freedom Course

This is a rant. I am not sure if I am a failure after paying for Jo Han Mok’s 60 Minutes To Freedom course but it is really disappointing! One email mention that some of the members are earning money already (even though I do not understand how with the kind of advice given).

I decided to take up this course because i have always been impressed with the marketing skills of Jo Han Mok but this course has seriously caused my impression of him to be down the drain!

The “so call” business in a box is way way way way X3 below expectations for a US$997 course. This is the 4th business-in-a-box already and all are lousy and disappointing. I did not want to mention the quality of the course here while i was waiting for someone to reply me on my refund request but seems like they just cannot be bothered. I thought with Jo Han Mok, things will be high quality with good support and no one seems to be bothered with me. I have a friend whom i showed the kind of things offered so far and it is barely anything worth the US$997.

Is there anyone else asking for refund? Can anyone advise me on what action can i take?



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