Experimenting With CPA Network Offers..The Story Goes On..

As you can see, there were no post for 10 days simply because I was having such a huge learning curve when using google adwords with CPA offers. Basically, I have already spent over SIN$106.92 over a 7 day period but my earnings are SIN$41.69. So I have not manage to recoup my advertising expenses as yet.

Date Clicks Cost Earnings (SIN) Profit/Loss
07/19/08 105 $25.31 $1.42 -$23.89
07/20/08 135 $24.92 $9.11 -$15.81
07/21/08 270 $50.15 $14.28 -$35.87
07/22/08 117 $21.01 $6.28 -$14.73
07/23/08 134 $19.02 $10.60 -$8.42
07/24/08 29 $3.81 $0.00 -$3.81
07/28/08 38 $4.39 $0.00 -$4.39
Total 828 $148.61 $41.69 $106.92

As you can see, there were 3 days which did not have any activity. This was because Google stopped my ads. And I deleted it because i thought i have been slapped by Google but apparently, sometimes Google will stop your ads as they will do a review of your campaign. Did not know about such things until I read this in a forum. Luckily, google adwords does not totally delete away your campaign so it was just a simple click of a button to reactivate that campaign.

Things I learn:

1 – Continue to pump out new campaigns to find more gems to earn more.

2 – keyword tracking is super important. From keyword tracking, I can even gauge which keywords are bringing in the money for me.

3 – The way Google adwords run our ads and what are the ways to lower the bids or raise the bids.

Money Sense:

Part time transcripts jobs – SIN$170

Setup webpage for customers – US$50 – SIN$63

Earnings from CPA Offers – SIN$41.69 + SIN$7.02 (money made from 2 other campaigns) – SIN$48.71

Adwords Expenses – SIN$180 (Just realized i have another 2 unsuccessful campaigns)

Clickbank -> SIN$106.65 commission – SIN$22.52 adwords expenses = SIN$84.13

Total Earned -> SIN$388.36

Total Spent -> SIN$202.52

Profits -> SIN$185.84

Latest News:

I will be handing in my resignation letter this coming week and will be concentrating full time in my IM business while doing any part time jobs to supplement my daily expenses.

Interesting Findings:

Found this blog, http://www.businessblogreview.com/, that did a blog post review on my businesspeanuts.com website at


Pretty interesting. Thanks for the review, whoever you are.

Thats all for now. Once I have manage to get my earnings to be more than my advertising cost, then i will share with you how i do these campaigns.



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Experimenting With CPA Network Offers For The First Time

Just last week, I started testing out another google adwords campaign using the search network for a clickbank product and this week, I just launch another campaign but this time is of a different nature. This time I am testing out using google adwords content network for Cost-Per-Action offers.

First Time Setting Up A CPA Campaign

I can tell you it is so much simplier than trying to setup a website to sell a clickbank product but the cost can easily go high up because I am using adwords content network to generate traffic.

How this works is this:

1 – Create landing page website

2 – Use adwords to generate traffic to landing page

3 – Get visitors to go to the CPA offer

4 – Visitor submits their email address and you get paid per email submits.

Each offer can range between a few cents to a few dollars.

Sounds easy?

After my first night of experimentation, it is pretty scary. I will not tell you what my landing page are but I can state the statistics of my first night.

Statistics Of My First CPA Campaign

Spent Singapore dollars $25.31 on 105 clicks from the content network.

And out of 105 who came to my landing page, 55 got to my CPA offers but only 1 submitted their email so I only got $2.025 for the whole night. So I lost around $23 dollars on the first night. But I was pretty happy as well because this was my first CPA lead. And of course i am sad cause my conversion rate was amazingly poor.

Making Changes

Anyway, I have made some changes to the sub-headers as well as change the CPA offer and things seem to look up cause my earnings as of now that i am typing this blog post is around $7.02. Currently google adwords is down for maintenance but I am sure I am still losing money but at least the losses seem better.

My budget is set at $25 and since I manage to get $7.02, at least i have reduce the losses to $17.98 for my second night. So my next target is to match my earnings to cover at least $25. Hopefully, I can do it.

Will update further next time. Thanks for reading.



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