Using Free Traffic System For The First Time

Just a follow up on my previous blog post on starting all over again for my health website, and using the advice from Andrew Wee, I have just completed converting one of my articles to a spinnable format so that my articles can be spin into different articles.  Now awaiting for approval from Free Traffic System (easier to refer as FTS) and see what kind of results can I expect.

I use a keyword i am targeting that is not that competitive and should be easy to rank as my experiment for FTS.

In the mean while, I just realized I have more than 15 articles in my computer that I have written in the past but never submitted to any article directory.  Stupid move but it sure allows me to have more articles to convert to make full use of the Free Traffic System platform.

By the way, to Andrew Wee, thanks for the tips in the previous blog post comments you made.  I have written down the details and executing them.

Ok.  Thats it.  I have a slow plan to produce 4 unique articles for 4 different platforms and 1 spinnable article for Free Traffic System per day and see how things worked out.  Still have to change my squeeze page too.



Time To Improve Clickbank Sales After Neglecting It For So Long

Ever since I started doing videos for customers to teach them how to install software, I have became very very lazy in terms of writing articles to improve my clickbank sales.  Though I can pretty much survive just by doing videos for customers, I have to admit laziness is the middle name now.  I can enthusiastically setup software programs for people, learn new software, write my own programs but when it comes to the right things to do for clickbank, I have totally neglected my clickbank sales.

This is the current sad status of my clickbank account. And truth be told, since i had found another way to find money on the Internet, I gave up clickbank for quite a while.

But it was always a wish of mine to see the bars of clickbank being in blue and grey everyday. So as of now, I have only made $25.48 for the whole month of April 2009.

Inspired by John Yeo of as well advice from Andrew Wee of , I felt it was time to buck on clickbank. Consistency is the game and Andrew Wee gave me a lot of advice as well. There was no point in showing empty clickbank account.  And since i have all the time in the world, it was time.

Case Study : Weight Loss Niche

On this day, I have decided to document down my steps to turning this website profitable again. When I first started this health website in May 2007, i was hoping for it to be a hit and played around with it. It went through a number of transformations.

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Testing PPC with Yahoo Search Marketing In February and Google Content Network

I know I have barely updated my blog but this is a good thing for me.  Cause there are progress in my IM journey and that is why I seldom blog.

First up, I have been helping a friend setup DLGuard and Amember software.  What a learning process to go through.  I think i can start doing some videos and selling it.

Second, been running 3 campaigns using Yahoo Search Marketing and after failing to get any sales for my first 2 campaigns, my 3rd campaign is already seeing 2 clickbank sales.  Thanks to friends and a coach who has been giving us some great training.  His name will be revealed soon.

Thirdly, i finally started running my polls for a CPA offer again.  Though I lost money, i still consider it a step forward.  Spent $215 singapore dollars and earn $165 from my CPA network.  This was the first time i ever surpassed $100 for my efforts from the traffic in google content network.

Fourthly, subscribing to SENuke now.  Lets see how much money can this software bring my sales.

Business have started picking up.  Clickbank sales is still way below my usual mark but hopefully it starts to increase.

Thats all for now.  Time to earn more money.



Been Pretty Bad Sales Since December 2008 Until January 2009

So far, it has been a pretty bad sales month for december 2008 and january 2009.  Really learnt a lesson that I should have expanded to more niches instead of relaying on just 1 niche.  Look at the stats below.  It was going up but the moment december came, things went downhill all the way.

October  2008 $246.54
November 2008 $268.43
December 2008 $26.30
January  2008 $32.34

Time to buck up, buck up, buck up



Out Of Reservists And Back to Learning The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing

Been pretty out of focus these days and though the sales are coming in slowly, I have decided to go back to basics.  Meaning I have been feeling a bit of loss because I seem to miss a step whenever I launch a new campaign and even though some campaigns may bring in sales, it does not really last that long, especially if there are more and more competitors fighting for the same product sales.

I sign on to both Patric Chan and Affilioblueprint courses and see if i can breakthrough from my current stagnation and strive for higher sales.  My main aim is still to conquer clickbank sales to achieve at least $3000 per month from it.  Though I have temptations to deviate to CPA networks and such, clickbank is something that i would like to conquer.

Lets see how both courses go from here.

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Lazy Has Been My Middle Name These Days But Luckily There Is Clickbank Progress

Frankly speaking, I have not been as hardworking as I should have been and progress has continued to be slow.  But the funny thing is sales for clickbank has been improving a bit.  In the sense that at least there are some sales this month. Still shy from really making a living online since the sales, when compare to any affiliate, is peanuts (hence businesspeanuts).

Clickbank progress october

Clickbank progress october

I have around 60 over articles not submitted yet so progress should have been much much better i guess.  Anyway, I have to apologize if some of you are looking for some information on what i am doing.  But basically, my methods are superbly easy and straight forward. Basically I have been very lazy for this product but it seems to bring in the best results.

This is what i have roughly done so far.

The simple 7 steps to small clickbank sales.

Step 1: Find a product in clickbank with gravity between 50 to 200

Step 2: Find long tail keywords and do abit of keyword spying on the competition, gather around 30 keywords (google keyword tool and keyword elite)

Step 3: Buy a domain name ( similar to the product you are promoting

Step 4: For the new domain name, set a redirect to your clickbank affiliate link

Step 5: Write 13 articles and submit to ezinearticles (3 sales from here. I still have 30 articles not submitted for this product)

Step 6: Use those 30 keywords and get as targeted as you can possibly be for some of these keywords. I created around 20 adgroups and slowly eliminated and left with only 6 adgroups now. But these 6 adgroups have generated around 8 sales over these 2 months.  I only did my homework in September and I got lazy, so it has been just 6 adgroups without any change for these 1 month plus.

Step 7: Monitor your adgroups cost versus your sales. As well as monitor which of your articles seem to be bringing in the sales.

Thats it.

Simple steps to accomplish right? I tried doing my own landing pages, squidoo pages but heck, I just can’t get the right formula.  So might as well just start driving traffic and get some sales on the road, and once there is money, I will spend more time perfecting my landing page skills.

For the time being, the bulk of my money will still have to be on creating websites for clients, as well as doing some part time jobs so that I can outsource more in future.

Thanks for reading.



(I will be gone for 3 weeks for my army incamp training so hopefully, my sales will not be affected when i do not have access to my computer)

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