Finally Found A Convertable Product On Clickbank That Really Converts

Interesting statistics of my clickbank sales that I have been compiling today.  Since I have not been able to do anything these couple of weeks due to me being back training in the army, I was pleasantly surprise to see 2 sales for this week already.



Most of my sales currently come from this one clickbank product and it has been giving me sales every week for the month of october and 2 new sales in the first week of november 2008.

Total, I have already sold 17 and this is the statistics:

1 refund

9 sales generated from google adwords

7 sales generated from article marketing

Highlights of article marketing:

I have only 5 adgroups to get that 9 sales from google but the interesting part is that I have 13 articles to generate 7 sales.

If each article cost me $4 (Singapore dollars), then I have only spent $52.  And each sales I will receive USD$26.30 so the total is USD$184 (Sing is $272).

Therefore, my total profits is $272 (sing) -$52 (sing) = $220.

I have already lost count on how much i have spent on google adwords due to the constant bidding changes and deleting of useless keywords but ultimately it became slightly profitable.

So the ratio of my articles to sales will be 13 articles : 7 sales => 53.8% conversion rate.

I have around 50 articles in my harddisk that I have not submitted but let me do an experiment for the month of november to submit all 50 articles and if it works, I should roughly have another 26 sales, which will amount to Sing $1012.  Hopefully it will works.



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Great News For Bum Marketers – EzineArticles Is Showing Keywords To Your Articles

Hi Friends,

Great news if you are a bum marketer who is using article marketing for traffic.  Ezinearticles, one of the best article directory, is going to reveal the keywords that visitors use to find your articles.  The keyword search will be from august 2008 onwards.  So far, I can see my august and september search and which keywords are used to find my articles.

There are 3 things that immediately comes to mind:

1 – there are more keywords that i can use to write articles

2 – these keywords can be used in my PPC campaign

3 – I can actually know how popular each of my articles are and how good/badly each article is doing

Check out this blog post from ezinearticles:

This is another great arsenal you can use to make your own bum marketing efforts a big success.



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Great New Features From EzineArticles Directory For Monthly Statistics And Graphs

I was logging in to my ezinearticles account to check my statistics for my new articles when suddenly these graphs appeared. And there was monthly tracking as well. I was pretty impressed. Look below:

This was an article in March 08 and as you can see from the graph, the peak was in May 08 and after that, the traffic didn’t really pick up much. I remember that this article was bringing me one to two clickbank sales per month during those peak months.

In the past, I was recording the statistics myself to track the performance of each articles so that you will know how to improve the SEO as well as get more links to it. But with the monthly statistics and graphs, it will definitely make my life simpler as an article marketer trying to make sense of how each of my articles are performing.

Kudos to EzineArticles for including this new feature.

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Article Creation Results Of My Testing Of Human Spinner 1.0 Beta Version

Completed my testing of Human Spinner 1.0 Beta.  It took nearly 12 hours for the results to be completed.  And after completion, you have to choose the sentences that you like or you can reject.  And the good thing is that the website will help you to write a seed file for use with JetSpinner.

And after using jetspinner, I used the original article to compare the uniqueness between the 10 new articles.

Article 1  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 76.7%  -> Words: 500
Article 2  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 59.19% -> Words: 509
Article 3  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 79.25% -> Words: 497
Article 4  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 59.19% -> Words: 510
Article 5  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 52.48% -> Words: 511
Article 6  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 80.77% -> Words: 506
Article 7  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 71.43% -> Words: 470
Article 8  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 68.94% -> Words: 507
Article 9  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 85.05% -> Words: 487
Article 10 Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 87.62% -> Words: 468

It cost me around $5 to get the article to be rewritten but the value for money service is that it can create all the sentences from and spin out another 10 articles.  So it is almost like paying $5 for 10 articles.



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Testing Out This New Article Spinner By The Creators Of JetSpinner

I have been testing out this new article spinner service call Human Spinner 1.0 (in beta stage currently) from the creators of JetSpinner.  If you have been testing out the different article spinner services, you should roughly know that a software will try to change the words to something with the same meaning.  An so far, most of the article spinner services have failed (other than the exception of ContentFX).

But for this new service, Human Spinner 1.0, instead of having a program to change the words for you, each article that you submit will actually be changed by real human writers on the spot.  You can choose to pay per paragraph or per sentence to change.  I have just submitted my first article and opt for a change for all sentences just to see its result.  It will be interesting because you can have the same article being rewritten by real humans instead of some lousy piece of software.  I think it takes around 1 hour for the article to be totally rewritten for each sentence.

Stay tune for the results……



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Review: ContentFX Is The Rebirth Of iContentRobot And It Is Getting Better And Better

Hi Friends,

Negative Issues: If you have been promoting iContentRobot and notice that you manage to get some affiliate sales, it is with a high possibility that you may have not gotten paid until now.

You will have to direct all commission inquiries to Latif at and not the current programmers at ContentFx. And you may or may not have a reply. I send the email on 14-May-2008 and so far, I did not receive any reply about my commission so far. I was expecting $72 per month but i can’t even get a single cent now. My first try at promoting a new membership site and this kind of thing happened.

For those of you who do not know what went wrong, you can read the real issues between the promoter and the programmers rife at the link below:

What NOT to do when hiring a Promoter or JV Broker

Sad to hear things did not work out well between the programmers and the promoter but I am still a big fan of these programmers.

Positive Thinking: Anyway, I still believe in the software and technology so I will continue supporting the programmers.

And therefore, I shall present to you …….

Introducting ContentFX


For most people, you may not know ContentFX but maybe you know about iContentRobot. I did a series of videos to promote the icontentrobot. Basically, the article generator created by the programmers allows you to generate articles in just 4 seconds or less.

And each article generated on the same topic will be similar in ideas but different in structure and words.

From my personal experience, for each article generated, using a content checker, between the first version and second version, the similarities was at minimum 65% different and the highest percentage i got was 98% different. It is virtually considered as a totally different article. You can view of my past videos below:




You cannot just pick any topic you want and retrieve new articles. Currently, the topics available are given by the programmers so you can only generate the articles based on the list of topics they have.

But fret not!

There is going to be a new improvement in the technology so that you can insert your own keywords and get a new unique article generated for you in seconds. Read on below:

The Birth Of ContentFX And The End of iContentRobot

For everyone who are using icontentrobot, or considering about iContentRobot, this is to inform you that it will no longer be called iContentRobot and it will forever be known as ContentFX.

So whats New In ContentFX ?

The programmers of ContentFX have added new features revolving their article generation technology and I have to say I am quite a fan of their work. To save my trouble, hopefully Ted at would not mind if I place a portion of his blog below to show the new features of ContentFX:

———-Excerpts From Start—————-

There are some new and exciting enhancements coming to ContentFX in the very near future:

A new and improved content generator where you can insert your own keywords to retrieve articles. Check out the video overview of this amazing technology:

An article directory script for every member to install on their own domain that will be networked with the entire membership. This alone is worth hundreds of dollars. Imagine hundreds and thousands of one way backlinks to your money site all on autopilot. Check out the video overview:

Auto Blog Posting Script that will post unique articles to your WordPress and Blogger blogs every day on autopilot. Check out this amazing technology in this video overvview:

and many more features in the works and being tested right now.

———-Excerpts From End—————-

Results After Testing The New Added Features:

Auto-blog Posting

Personally, I have just installed the auto blog posting scripts and it is working great!

I manage to configure 2 of my other blogs to automatically get a new blog post everyday, with keywords embedded with affiliate links so that I do not need to update those blogs personally.


The only suggestion I would like to make to the programmers is to change the execution job. Currently, if you have 5 projects to auto-post to the different blogs, the execution job runs all projects. I hope that they can just include one more command to execute the script to run for each individual project instead.

Personal Article Directory

I just downloaded the article directory script and after some configurations, now I got my own personal article directory too, which is networked to other members of ContentFX as well.

You can see the temporary location here =>

I have yet to submit any articles yet. I will inform everyone of my results after doing more tests.

ContentFX 3 day free trial

Our iron clad, 3-day free trial

As the title says, the developers at ContentFX are offering a 3 day free trial to test out their system. Read in detail and review ContentFX and if it can help to enhance your bum marketing efforts.

Just be warned that since the software like auto-blogging scripts and article directory scripts have just been launched, there will be bugs but i believe every function will be improved.  Anyway, there is a 3 day free trial so there is really no harm testing out the system at all.



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