Using Free Traffic System For The First Time

Just a follow up on my previous blog post on starting all over again for my health website, and using the advice from Andrew Wee, I have just completed converting one of my articles to a spinnable format so that my articles can be spin into different articles.  Now awaiting for approval from Free Traffic System (easier to refer as FTS) and see what kind of results can I expect.

I use a keyword i am targeting that is not that competitive and should be easy to rank as my experiment for FTS.

In the mean while, I just realized I have more than 15 articles in my computer that I have written in the past but never submitted to any article directory.  Stupid move but it sure allows me to have more articles to convert to make full use of the Free Traffic System platform.

By the way, to Andrew Wee, thanks for the tips in the previous blog post comments you made.  I have written down the details and executing them.

Ok.  Thats it.  I have a slow plan to produce 4 unique articles for 4 different platforms and 1 spinnable article for Free Traffic System per day and see how things worked out.  Still have to change my squeeze page too.



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