Time To Improve Clickbank Sales After Neglecting It For So Long

Ever since I started doing videos for customers to teach them how to install software, I have became very very lazy in terms of writing articles to improve my clickbank sales.  Though I can pretty much survive just by doing videos for customers, I have to admit laziness is the middle name now.  I can enthusiastically setup software programs for people, learn new software, write my own programs but when it comes to the right things to do for clickbank, I have totally neglected my clickbank sales.

This is the current sad status of my clickbank account. And truth be told, since i had found another way to find money on the Internet, I gave up clickbank for quite a while.

But it was always a wish of mine to see the bars of clickbank being in blue and grey everyday. So as of now, I have only made $25.48 for the whole month of April 2009.

Inspired by John Yeo of www.johnyeo.name as well advice from Andrew Wee of www.whoisandrewwee.com , I felt it was time to buck on clickbank. Consistency is the game and Andrew Wee gave me a lot of advice as well. There was no point in showing empty clickbank account.  And since i have all the time in the world, it was time.

Case Study : Weight Loss Niche

On this day, I have decided to document down my steps to turning this website profitable again. When I first started this health website in May 2007, i was hoping for it to be a hit and played around with it. It went through a number of transformations.

1 – It was first a review site, then i use ppc and article marketing to push traffic.
2 – After that, I made the website into a weight loss quiz site (using a script given out freely by Eben Pagan), but i got mixed results.
3 – Then I tried to add articles to the website so that it will look more like a full fledge website
4 – Then I converted the website into a blog but it wasn’t focus enough.
5 – And the final transformations became just a long squeeze page.

When I was very focused, I manage to churn out around 100 articles for this website. And majority of the articles was mainly submitted to ezinearticles. I once emailed Sean Mize and he mention that in terms of article marketing, ezinearticles is still the best and most effective place to get traffic.

Upon the advice, this was what I got:

This is the current status of my article marketing efforts which I have captured from my ezinearticles for my article statistics.

I have another pen name to write those weight loss articles as well.

This is the number of submission I have made:

No Of Articles Submitted Month/Year Clickbank Sales No of Sales Remarks
6 Sep 2007 $23.05 1 Change to Review Page
21 Oct 2007 $27.12 1 Change to Quiz Page
4 Nov 2007 $23.05 1 Change to collect Opt-in
2 Dec 2007 $53.14 2 Collect Opt-in
11 Jan 2008 $40.18 1 Collect Opt-in
11 Feb 2008 $66.75 3 Collect Opt-in
43 Mar 2008 $45.29 2 Collect Opt-in
8 Apr 2008 $40.18 1 Collect Opt-in
5 May 2008 $0.00 0 Changed to direct linking
0 Jul 2008 $26.96 1 Changed to direct linking
1 Aug 2008 $26.96 1 Changed to direct linking
10 Sep 2008 $0.00 0 Collect Opt-in
Total Articles : 122 Total Amount : $372.68 Total Sales : 14 That’s it. No more sales after that.

And after some cleaning up of my subscriber base, i have around 259 subscribers in my getresponse list. On average, I have about 5 to 8 new subscribers per month. This is very bad opt-in rate. Let me show you why.

This is capture by statcounter.com on 23rd April 2009.

On a total basis, this is what I have. A total of 191 visitors for the month of April 2009.

Based on a check of statcounter, I have a page that captures all subscribers who are confirmed subscribers via double opt-in, and this is the results.

But on a check on my getresponse list, out of 10 opt-ins, 3 subscribers have unsubscribed. So I could only find 7 subscribers left for this month.


1 – A total of 191 visitors with 10 opt-ins. So the conversion rate is only 0.05%.
2 – Since 3 have unsubscribed, my conversion rate is really just 0.03%.

This is bad. And since only 7 have subscribed, I cannot really expect much sales from the opt-in.

So time for some revamp.

These are the resources i am using:

Bluehost.com – Choice for hosting (Its not free)

Getresponse.com – Choice for collecting opt-ins (Its not free)

Clickbank.com – Choice for getting products to promote (free)

EzineArticles.com – Choice for submitting my articles (free)

Statcounter.com – Choice for tracking where my traffic is coming from (free)

To include into my arsenal:

Affiliate Prophet Software – Choice to track conversion rates (Its not free)

wp-traffic – Choice to distribute my blog articles. It is a paid wordpress plugin. (Its not free)

humanspinner.com – Choice to spin my articles by real humans. (Its not free)

freetrafficsystem.com – Another choice for me to mass submit my articles. (free)

(Read this squidoo lens done up by my friend Eusof on the freetrafficsystem.com here at http://www.squidoo.com/how-i-get-first-page-on-google )

I am still coming up with a final blueprint, which I have to dig where I stored Andrew Wee’s notes (ashamed to say I stop reading it and worst, did not do anything about it too).

This will be for day 1. Let’s count down to the first 7 days and see what exactly is my blueprint and what is the results i am seeing. Hopefully, some sales can start coming in. I am doing this same plan for another 1 more website but it will remain more of a secret for now because it is a profitable niche than this weight loss site (Made around $483.50 for this website).


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  3. Hi Andrew,
    Gratz on starting up your efforts again.
    The hardest part is always getting started, and once you’re moving, the momentum is fairly easy to build up.

    Here are a couple of steps to help you out:
    1) Determine an outcome. Set a target number of sales, number of opt-ins and amount of traffic you want to generate(least important).
    2) Create an action plan, detailing the steps you want to take.
    3) Allocate time to your action plan, and prioritize these tasks (do them as your first tasks each day, or load them into a scheduler or delayed poster if needed).
    4) Measure, track and analyze your efforts.
    5) Get yourself committed to the project. Make a bet with someone, make a public commitment in your mastermind, brag about it to your friends, etc.
    6) Introduce pain. Promise to make a sizable donation to a charity of your choice if you don’t follow through on your commitment.

    It’s likely you’ll succeed.

  4. Hey,

    I’ve reviewed your case study, and actually, you are doing very good.

    By the way, your conversion rate is 3,67%, not 0,03!

    If you build a list and sell more products (eventually yours), this can turn out in a very profitable campaign.

    Franck the Body Guard.

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