The Beauty Of Bum Marketing Is I Earn Money While Being Sick!

Hi Friends,

Just this morning, I was feeling lousy that I did not manage to do anything for the past 2 weeks.

No Actions = No Sales

And who knows.  Little did I know that while I was typing that previous blog post, someone just bought an affiliate product from me.

Article marketing is seriously a great feeling!

Conversions are low, traffic is getting low too but the sales have maintained!

It is just a great feeling.  For those who celebrate chinese new year, you should know the feeling of getting a red packet!

I just got mine this morning. Woo Hoo!!!


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8 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Bum Marketing Is I Earn Money While Being Sick!

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  2. that’s a great feeling right?! articles marketing is really one of the best, long term and do-once-set-it-on-autopilot way to get free traffic!

    1 got many opt ins in less than 1 month and 2 sales for one of my new project. And the best part is the sale was made when I was sleeping!

    talking about leverage on your time, article is a great way to do so. Imagine spending 30 minutes to create and submit an article, and it gives you commissions years down the road!

    hehehe… let’s persevere on man!

  3. Hi Andrew,

    What do you know. You are already doing well in Bum Marketing in my opinion.

    I got round to your blog when I was looking for blogs who talk about bum marketing and you are in top spot for blogs from the Little Red Dot.

    Congrats on earning the income. I myself love the method. In fact, I just wrote 10 articles last night and waiting for approval.

    The key to Bum Marketing is to write articles based on keyword research – High volume of searches vs low competition on Google.

    If you studied from Travis, thats the way to go !

    Keep in touch mate.

    P.S. – I’ll join your MBL community.

  4. Wow Fendi. Thanks. I think compare your achievements to mine, yours absolutely rocked!

    (Was studying your blog just now and how you monetise it. Interesting concept.)

    I agree, keyword research is very important, and I figure my target to try to rank high for bum marketing in google seem to be working.

    But thanks for telling me because I did not even know. And yes, Travis is the person I am trying to follow. Bum marketing is fantastic way to earn money in this virtual world.

    Always great to see another friend from the “little red dot”. I am going to read more from your blog. Many interesting concepts i can learn.


  5. I need to know what you are doing and HOW. I have little mouths to feed and I am sick and not able to “work conventionally”. Plus behind on bill.

    : )

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