Testing PPC with Yahoo Search Marketing In February and Google Content Network

I know I have barely updated my blog but this is a good thing for me.  Cause there are progress in my IM journey and that is why I seldom blog.

First up, I have been helping a friend setup DLGuard and Amember software.  What a learning process to go through.  I think i can start doing some videos and selling it.

Second, been running 3 campaigns using Yahoo Search Marketing and after failing to get any sales for my first 2 campaigns, my 3rd campaign is already seeing 2 clickbank sales.  Thanks to friends and a coach who has been giving us some great training.  His name will be revealed soon.

Thirdly, i finally started running my polls for a CPA offer again.  Though I lost money, i still consider it a step forward.  Spent $215 singapore dollars and earn $165 from my CPA network.  This was the first time i ever surpassed $100 for my efforts from the traffic in google content network.

Fourthly, subscribing to SENuke now.  Lets see how much money can this software bring my sales.

Business have started picking up.  Clickbank sales is still way below my usual mark but hopefully it starts to increase.

Thats all for now.  Time to earn more money.



2 thoughts on “Testing PPC with Yahoo Search Marketing In February and Google Content Network

  1. great job andrew! haha finally got a post on your blog.. been coming here and seeing nothing!

    i am happy to let you know that my online earnings have gone up too and it has been pretty consistent for the last 3 months… i believe i am set to exceed my last 2 months results in this month!

    Jia you!

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