Stupid Thing I Did To My Businesspeanuts List

First of all, I realize i had not updated my businesspeanuts list for such a long time that i did not realized that people who signed were recommended to a forum that they can earn a bit of money.  I always wanted to write a “how-to” guide but was always too lazy busy.

Anyway, I wanted to segregate the active from the inactive just by looking at the list and for some strange reasons, I deleted the whole list of people.  Though the list was only consisting of 20 over people, I still couldn’t believe the mistake i made.

So sorry to anyone who sign up.  Deeply apologize. I better start writing that ebook, that was left half-done about a month ago.



One thought on “Stupid Thing I Did To My Businesspeanuts List

  1. I think almost every one made a mistake for their business, that’s the way to learn the real internet business. That’s ok, you can fix it.

    Best regards
    Max Manroe

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