Slacking On 19 March 2008…..Can’t seem to get myself to write an article today.


Seems like I have ran out of steam as well as not having enough sleep everyday. Could only manage to write 1 article in the morning while on the way to work. And for the rest of the time, I have been checking everyone’s blog and stuff.

Was there a holiday in the US? I have got 7 articles that was on hold for 2 days and 5 of them just got approved while the other 2 articles are still on pending status. Since I still have one article written this morning, maybe I should write another 40 articles throughout good friday all the way to the weekends and submit 5 article a day to next week.


Registering for social bookmarking websites in order to make use of bookmarketing web 2.0

Registered for Micheal Ramussan’s email promotion videos given free (of cos you have to opt-in). Watch some of the videos.

Digg, stumble and deli.c.ouis some websites for the fun of it as well as do it for my own websites.


Added 2 subscribers.

No Sales yet.

Total Subscribers: 118


To achieve 200 subscribers, I will need another 82 subscribers and I have 26 Days left.

82/26 estimated 3 to 4 subscribers must sign up per day.

Clear Actions Set To Achieve Target For These 26 days (now until 15 april):

Needed – Increase Subscribers Base To 200 = Now short of 82

Needed – $200 For This Month = Now still $0

* Write 40 articles and distribute it among the 13 article directories

* To use 9 social bookmarking sites to stumble 5 different websites a day, of which 1 will be my own.

* Write 5 niche blog post

* Create 2 US free Ads

* Meet up with mastermind group

* Create another 2 new squidoo lens with 10 articles pointing to it 

Something is wrong:

Some one supposedly bought mass control revealed from me but i did not receive any payment but the subscriber manage to download the videos. I wonder how this had happen. All the stats tells me he has access but no payment was given to me from paypal.


If you are looking to track where all your traffic come from, which page have the visitors visited, then try out the services from this website. I have been doing data-mining from the data i collected from statcounter to improve my conversion rates.



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