Report Card For Bum Marketing Efforts Between 16 March 2008 To 15 April 2008

My Bum Marketing Efforts Report Card for the period between 16 March 2008 to 15 April 2008 has been quite a journey of fever, cough and flu and lucky for iContentRobot, manage to use it to squeeze in some articles.

Failed my targets this month:


Target Earnings: $200

Achieved Earnings: $124.43

Remarks: Short Of $75.57


Target Subscribers: 200

Achieved Subscribers: 162

Remarks: Short Of 38 subscribers


Traffic from to track my squeeze page.

(Had to edit the chart below because it was showing unnecessary information like page load and returning visits.)


Above, there has been a slight improvement in traffic, though it is still small. But it also shows that my conversion rate has been quite pathetic because out of 1176 visitors to my squeeze page, only 62 has sign up as my subscriber.

So 62/1176 = 0.05% conversion rate. But the good thing is that out of 62 subscriber, one person bought my affiliate product (its an upsell package too). And the rest of my income comes from iContentRobot and Mass Control Revealed.

What did I do to create $124.43? (Not sure anyone is interested but I am writing down to remind myself what I did so that I know what else I can do to increase sales.)

For iContentRobot, review which I created a USfreeAds, blogspot website, using this businesspeanuts to promote it, created one squidoo page and uploaded 4 videos that I made personally and paste it to and This effort created $72 and it is a monthly subscription. (Take note that I personally bought iContentRobot and therefore, I spent more than I make as I paid for a full year subscription.)

For my health site, created a total of 24 articles and submit to ezinearticles. Create 1 new squidoo page to promote other health affiliate product too. This created $40.18.

Made another $10 from Mass Control Revealed and $2.25 from selling text-links.


Best Buy For Me: iContentRobot

Seems like alot of people have misuse the articles from iContentRobot to spam the articles all over the internet. Personally, I find it a damn good software service that eliminates a lot of time needed to write articles. You can look at the chart above and check the date 8th April 2008. It garnered 144 unique visitors from 5 articles. And each of these article is 100 percent unique, even though it was produced from iContentRobot.

If anyone is interested, I will list out the steps I did to make each article unique and it will take less than an hour to complete 3 to 5 articles.

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That’s it. Thanks for reading.



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