Problems Arising With What should I do?

Hi Friends,

Recently, I was experimenting with a product from, or formerly known as While I was looking for advice on how to market physical products, I came across these 2 websites.

There have been complains of how is stealing affiliates profits so I wonder what do you think after reading this 2 blogs that I found.

Comments anyone? Should MarketHealth be trusted? Or should I stop promoting their product and change another?


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48 thoughts on “Problems Arising With What should I do?

  1. Hey andrew , i was surprised that Joebucks is scams ! I hate this , man. anyway i am going to drop joebuck soon. no wonder my sales is suck there. i am moving to genbucks and moreniche
    let me know if you have not join 🙂 hehhe

  2. Yup. I am about to drop joebucks soon too. I just started my PPC campaign on joebucks and it turn out to be a scam. Lucky I did not my click through cost was just a few dollars.

    Is genbucks and moreniche conversion good?

  3. Hi Hannie,

    I have just stop my PPC campaign on joebucks product. Think it is time to source for another product to replace. By the way, do you have any experience with CPA networks?


  4. I think that you should replace them with another program, at least for a while, then compare your results. And first of all, go check your affiliate site links, to see if they lead to your ID or to the fraudulent one.

    As of replacement, Genbucks has pretty much the same kind of products, so you’ll be able to substitute the affiliate links easily. I haven’t worked with them, but I heard only good things.

  5. Hi Simonne,

    Thanks for the advise. I will do some test over weekends to confirm. Other than Genbucks, are there other similar networks that you use?


  6. I only made about $400.00 with Markethealth in 4 months and I replaced my MarketHealth links with Genbucks and I earned $1,350.00 already in only 2 months. Gary at MarketHealth also talks to people like they’re dumb. He’s a jerk. It also takes them a long time to return any e-mails or calls. I hated that the most. I personally know 2 people that never got their checks in the mail and were given the run-a-round. My advice is to not join. I like Genbucks,Moreniche and Shareasale.

  7. i have also the feeling long time ago that joebucke is a scam site ,since i have send them thousands of very targeted traffic without results

  8. I have reported this company to the Better Business Bureau. I will be reporting them to my Attorney Generals office tomorrow. JoeBucks nor provide any way to cancel your account. As others have said they treat you like you don’t know anything. Herbalbiz set up my domain so that I can’t even access it to transfer it to a new registrar to use if for something else.

  9. This is so weird. Seems like this post even got highlighted in this forum:

    Anyway, was reading the forum, someone say they got their money promptly and on time.

    The one person that gave his comment that caught my eye was 5starAffiliates. He believes and work with MarketHealth before.

    Somehow, looking at the websites that he endorsed, i will tend to believe him. But for those who are on the verge of believing or not, why not try using some free traffic methods and see if you can get any sales or not.

    It is difficult to know who is right and wrong on the Internet and the best way to do it is to test it yourself i guess.

  10. Well, I just got done doing a test and had 3 people order off of my site. NO CREDIT YET FOR THE SALES AND IT’S BEEN 15 DAYS SINCE MY DAD AND 2 FRIENDS ORDERED OFF MY SITE. They all got their products 5-6 days ago. I just posted this on a few boards. I’m also going to the FTC. I just have to have everyone send me their confirmation emails from their orders again and The FTC told me they’ll make an inquiry. I’ve been in affiliate marketing for 7 years and this is bull!!!!!!!!!! Thousands of hits and no sales!!!!!!!! I emailed Gary & John AT markethealh and O reponses. I have proof. EITHER THEY;RE RUNNING A SCAM OR THEY HAVE BAD TRACKING SOFTWARE THAT NEVER WORKS 100% OF THE TIME. I’m sure they’ll use a real good excuse once the FTC now contacts them.

  11. I’m sorry to hear about markethealth not paying people for all of their sales i sell products through them online and i always get my checks in the mail and sometime i get checks from sales that i never seen in my stats so i am very satisfied with them but hey thats me and i can onl speak for me.

  12. Hi Everyone.Well…I was involved with back when they were made a small amount of money with them. I feel alot of my tracking was also screwed up. The issues they had with “cookies” and “mis used affiliate i.d’s” were a HUGE concern of mine. I’ve heard that they made a few changes for the better. All I know is that no one ever got back to me when I had any type of questions or if they did, it took a very long time. All I can comment on is the fact they had so many problems when they were JoeBucks. I feel their web site don’t convert well at all. The affiliate sites are basic and provide little motivation for the customer to order. You really have to sell the product and recommend it a whole lot of times just to get the click from the customer. You can make money but you have to really do more to make the sale. Plus they have many complaints out there.I’m still not 100% sure of what to make with I’d like to try them again but my gut feeling is that some things need to change. I’ve spoken directly to a few people that have made alot of money in affiliate marketing but they only have mixed reviews of that company. I have emailed Gary with my concerns about this and he never got back to me ever. Another HUGE complaint I’ve heard from so many others. My grade for them would have to be a D- . Nice site by the way HERMAN!!

  13. Hi Shannon,

    Seems like the most common problem is that the company does not really reply to complaints. The common consensus is pretty balance actually. I read in some forums of people earning alot of money from markethealth and there are also equally number of people who felt cheated.


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  15. Thanks Shannon, now I don’t want anyone here to get the wrong idea of me I’m not on the side of herbalbiz but honestly I get a paycheck about every 2 weeks sometimes its no more than 40 or 50 bucks but the way I look at it I did very little work to receive that money but to be honest yes I think herbalbiz has a few tricks up their sleeve and unless we own our own web business how can we guarantee ourselves people will be honest with us. I’m trying to focus on advertising effectively because I realize if you know how to do that then you can make money with your own website no matter what you’re selling, oh man! I’m getting way off topic so let me go. Peace!

  16. Hi everyone. I just got back in Market Health 2 weeks ago and have earned $80.00. I really didn’t do much for that amount. LOL. I also have clicked on my own link and have noticed that the reference id is different than the id on my affiliate link. Thats another complaint i keep hearing about. I cleared my cookies,entered my exact affiliate address and the same affiliate id apperared on my main page!!! I bet i’m losing a ton of money in sales. Once I get my measily 80 bucks, I’M GONE FROM MARKET HEALTH again.

  17. The id that keeps replacing mine is 680256 i believe. It’s the default Market Health code. What a surprise. I could have made $800 instead of $80!!! This is what pisses me off.This has been the biggest issue with them for over 3 years. People were complaining about that so much that market health shut down their forum back when they were still Joe Bucks. They used to be on ABEST WEB forums. I’m mad. I GIVE UP WITH THEM.

  18. hey I am shocked to hear this… now I know why the bloody hell was conversions so freaking low!!!!

    well apart from Genbucks, which other programs do you guys suggest, I use PPC.

    Genbucks is being quite hard with my initial orders, it seems they have very strict policies in place to clear new affiliates… anyways the affiliate manger said I should be cleared for payment within a couple of days.

    ANy other program you guys recommend?????

  19. MoreNiche is best in my opinion. I make more with them than any other program. I feel that MoreNiche is the best in regards to all the free training they offer affiliates. IT’S GREAT.I’ve never found a program where they offer so many free pdf reports and tutorials.

  20. There is something definitely not right about their tracking. I’m using a stats tracker to see what link placements get the most clicks. Over the past couple of days I’ve had 101 clicks through to a markethealth product and not one click is showing in the markethealth dashboard!

  21. omg…i am dealing with the problems shanon has.i think im geting ripped off took 3 weeks for a person to help me with my problems from markethealth….im mad at the situation with markethealth…

  22. Well this explains whats happened with me.
    I have just emailed MH telling them I’ve had over 800 clicks from yahoo PPC costing me $300 and not 1 sale.
    I checked my aff ID and cross checked the one the site was sending to…NOT THE SAME.

    I have just sent an angry but polite email to them stating this.
    Over 800 clicks and no sales, HAD to be something wrong,

    i will update you as to what they have to say for themselves.


  23. Hi,

    What are the most reliable web hosting company?

    I’m trying to set up a web site for my new business.

    Thank you,


  24. OH MY GOD! no wonder I have not been getting any sales. I have been with MarketHealth for awhile and got about 3,000 hits and not one sale and I work extra hard to get those hits too! I checked my sales one day and seen that someone went to the Go cart of the order form, but don’t know if they ordered or not. I knew something was up when I would get all of those clicks but not one sale! I am definitely leaving Markethealth, what a waste of my time. I’m PISSED

  25. i was told about joebucks from aguy called the internet detective who i trust and having problems just getting it up and runningjust wandering now if its worth it im not tecky at all where s best to go and make some money as affiliate many tnx martin

  26. I used to know about 40 people that were selling for Market Health and now about 30 of them have stopped selling their products.I guess everything about them is true.The Affiliate Marketing industry needs to be regulated. Is it possible? LMAO.

  27. I,ve been an affiliate of markethealth since September. I have worked my tail off promoting their products. I have had over 300,000 visitors to my branded store and not one sale. I also, purchased 100,000 targeted traffic, still no sales according to Market Health. A complete waste of my time. My so called manager never returns emails or phonecalls.

  28. Hello and thank you for opening my eyes.I worked hard to promote my store I even had for a while 1000 visitors per day. They did record the visitors, but never recorded one single sale. They probably figured that if you are Canadian you cannot do anything and just do not even bother to pay you. Period. They do love to take our money though. Now they want me to renew. Of course I tried to tell them that I do not want to renew and that they suck big time. But they never answered and keep on sending the same e mail every week. Its also a fact that you cannot cancell that site. You can renew but not cancell. Ther is no cancell button anywhere. So they will keep on collecting money from the site. Exactly has they always have done. This is so depressing! Now I know that I’m not so unlucky that I thought. I just got scammed.

  29. I have been using Markethealth for some time and although not generating a huge amount of traffic I have received some sales and have been paid on time. Having said that, not all their products are perfect but they do have some that are worth looking at, I will continue to keep a close on on sales, who knows maybe in the future I will see something strange but in the meantime I will continue to promote some of their stuff.

  30. I have to agree with Shannon Macri. I know the feeling of getting ripped off by JoeBucks/Markethealth or whatever they call themselves. The tracking they use is still very much a sham and I can’t see why they still attract affiliates. I’ve also tried MarketHealth more than one time like Shannon Macri has. I’ve had the same feeling of Market Health being a scam.

  31. I feel like you could probably teach a class on how to make a great blog. This is fantastic! I have to say, what really got me was your design. You certainly know how to make your blog more than just a rant about an issue. Youve made it possible for people to connect. Good for you, because not that many people know what theyre doing.:)

  32. A new scamming affiliate company has popped on the scene in the past year. Its called Healthconverter. They run Markethealth offers and also rebrand MH products then try to pawn it off as a new product when in fact its nothing but a rebranded ripoff.

    Gary McNelley is behind it, well they kiss ass and then work together to rip off customers.

    This company called Healthconverter is as bad if not worst than MH. They shave sales, their nothing but a scam company. You can find the posts about them at

    Feast your eyes on these scammers and remember to stay clear.

  33. Affiliate Marketing needs to be regulated like “Network Marketing” also known as “MLM”. It took a major court case in 1979 against Amway to kick start the regulation of MLM. Maybe a major lawsuit again some of these dishonest Affiliate Marketing companies will pave the way for very strict regulation. Will it happen? Most likely not soon because it’s so much harder to prove wrong doing when a company is allowed to use their own software to track sales. It’s just so easy for a dishonest company to shave sales.
    How can it be regulated? I really can’t begin to figure it out.
    I feel bad for people like us that’ve been ripped off for our hard work.

  34. another beauty (kidding) is
    same problems – have sent them tons of clicks and traffic…no sales at all! they are definitely scamming and redirecting traffic.

  35. Well, I sure wish I had read this a year ago. I made 20 sites dedicated to individual MarketHealth products. Promoted those sites, got thousands of unique visitors and not a single sale… kinda pissed off now, to say the least.

  36. I am really concerned after reading these posts…

    This is my first venture into online marketing or sales. I lost my job at the end of May and had my savings to help me until I got a new job. My brother and father have passed away and I have spent a lot of money with their last arrangements so I thought maybe I could make a few dollars back…
    I am embarrassed to say I have paid emaillistdirect $5000 for leads (they insist on money order or wire transfer) which was a red flag for me but the high pressure and desperation of needing money to pay the lawyer for the estate which had nothing but debt. I put out another $400 to set up the website with go daddy to sell the Market Health product Garcinia Cambogia. I was told by Robert that the launch of the site would be June 26/14 I am scared to death that I have just been scammed beyond belief and have absolutely no way to get the $5000 back unless this works…

    I have had so much loss in my life lately I cant afford any more…

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