Out Of Reservists And Back to Learning The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing

Been pretty out of focus these days and though the sales are coming in slowly, I have decided to go back to basics.  Meaning I have been feeling a bit of loss because I seem to miss a step whenever I launch a new campaign and even though some campaigns may bring in sales, it does not really last that long, especially if there are more and more competitors fighting for the same product sales.

I sign on to both Patric Chan and Affilioblueprint courses and see if i can breakthrough from my current stagnation and strive for higher sales.  My main aim is still to conquer clickbank sales to achieve at least $3000 per month from it.  Though I have temptations to deviate to CPA networks and such, clickbank is something that i would like to conquer.

Lets see how both courses go from here.

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