No Action For The Past 2 Weeks

No action done recently due to my work sapping up all my energy and motivation. So from 16 April to 30th April 2008, I did not do anything nor submit any new articles until today.

Just submitted 3 articles, create a new website and wrote a new blog post for the website.


Earning $22. Still a long way to $200.

Subscriber: 175. Still have 25 more subscribers to hit 200 subscribers.

But for all the inaction, I still manage to get around $22 for IM niche sales so it is still pretty good. At least there are some money being made, although I wish it will be greatly increase.

Latest News:

I will be quitting my job in early July 2008 so I should still be damn busy at work but I am looking forward to doing full time bum marketing after quitting my job for 2 months, for some rest and some discipline dealing with Internet Marketing.

Just counting down to the days now~~~

28, 29, 30, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 . . . .



3 thoughts on “No Action For The Past 2 Weeks

  1. i think we shld get together and do something on our own during your break from full time job..

    and see how it goes.. hehe

  2. Haha true man. Let’s do something together. Maybe create a product ourselves. Been so tired and burnout lately that I barely did anything. Trying to build that momentum back.

  3. no problem. let me know again. i have all the time in this world but no one to move along with me as i progress… and i am selective about who i want to work with.. it is amazing how people try to connect to you to do something together.. I prefer someone i know personally..

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