My 4th Clickbank Sale In July And Google Adwords Advertising Contributed 3 Of The Sales

Just when I was about to give up on Adwords again (this is the 4th or 5th time already), the magical feeling has happened again! This is the first time in my Adwords history that I have achieved 3 sales in just 3 days using purely Google Adwords advertising.

The last time I achieved a sale from clickbank was in last year september 2007 and so far, in my first 4 attempts at google adwords, I have already lost $400+. So for this fifth time, it feels great that my cost is still low and yet, the profits are there.

Finally … Finally…Finally..

Why the initial dejection from me? Because I have 2 campaigns, one for a CPA offer and one for this clickbank product. I was making a lost on that CPA offer but when the smell of profit is just about to come, I seem to have been slapped on that domain by Google. And the clickbank campaign was not really making money. But after these 3 days, it has been a joy!

CPA offer Campaign – Still Slapped!

Clickbank Campaign – Profits finally!

Breakdown From Clickbank

Using Adwords From 1 Clickbank Product : SIN$105.76 (USD$78.34)
Adwords Expenses 11/07/08 to 31/07/08 : SIN $34.35
Profit (Sales minus Adwords Expenses): SIN $71.41
Article Marketing To Clickbank Product: SIN$35.58 (USD$26.96)


Total Profit(Adwords Tactic + Article): SIN$106.99

This is the first time that i had 4 sales from clickbank and the special moment, 3 of them came from adwords. And using a tracking software, I am beginning to know my first profitable “long tail keyword”.

For The Future

I have just tendered in my resignation today and hopefully, for the month of August, since it will be my last month on the job, the game will be raised to a higher level. Both on the article marketing and adwords front. Maybe when i see more success with august, i can start sharing some strategies that i have just recently learned.

Thanks for reading!



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