Latest Statistics Of My First 25 Days Of Doing Internet Marketing Full Time

Not much clickbank sales but in terms of providing web services, income has increased.  Expenses could be lower but the itch to buy IM products is killing my profits.  Damn! I have also began outsourcing article writing on a daily basis.  I wrote 30 articles last week and it took my life away.  It is simply too boring.  Frank Kern was right, do what you like and outsource everything that you do not like.

My past and present performance below.


First week

Income – $34.80 (Clickbank)

Total Expenses – $170.58


Second week

Income – $120.32

Expenses – $89.35


Third Week

Income – $170.10

Expenses – $193.71

Breakdown Of Expenses:

Buy IM Products – $121.80

Adwords – $8.41

Food – $45.00

Newspaper – $0

Taxi – $0

MRT/Bus – $0

Miscellaneous – $18.50


Fourth Week So Far:

Income  – $252.00

Expenses – $20.27

Breakdown Of Expenses:

Adwords – $4.27

Food – $16.00


Last week, I bought this product call Market Samurai (bought it for US$87) and the promises seems good but the performance and stability has been questionable. It can do keyword research, find all the hubpages, squidoo lens and ezinearticles that has the keyword you are trying to target.  But the problem is performance.  And sometimes, the loading just cannot seem to finish.  I am comtemplating to ask for a refund or to wait for a further release.  Anyway here is how it looks like.

Market Samurai Pics

Market Samurai Pics

It is offering a free trial for 30 days.  It cost US$147 for the full version but there is no full version at the moment.  Whether you are using free or paid, it is the same version as they are still trying to solve many issues and the estimated time for the whole software to be stable seems to be at the end of the year.  So if you intend to buy now, I think you should just save your money until a stable system is out.



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4 thoughts on “Latest Statistics Of My First 25 Days Of Doing Internet Marketing Full Time

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I had a look through our support system, and I couldn’t find anything from you in our system.

    If you’re having troubles, make sure you let us know – we can’t help people unless we know the problems they may be experiencing.

    As a paid user, you’re entitled to free and priority support.

    You can get this at by going to our web-site, clicking “Support”, then “Helpdesk” then lodging a support ticket.

    (When you do this, make sure you select the “Paid User” support area before you click send)

    I’ll get back to the specific issues you appear to be having in a moment, but first let me clarify a few points to avoid confusion:

    ** “It is offering a free trial for 30 days.”

    Yes – however it’s a 40 day free trial.

    There has been a bit of confusion because it’s a “40 Day Trial” but in August and September (during our first release) the trial was only available to people in the “30 Day Challenge”

    ** “It cost US$147 for the full version but there is no full version at the moment.”

    The full version is available now – but there’s a bit of confusion about what some of the terms mean…

    Let me clarify some terms…

    Currently, Market Samurai is in “Beta” – this means it is new, cutting edge, changing rapidly, constantly being updated and improved, new features being added, some features still yet-to-be-released, and some features may [and do] have bugs (although obviously not intentionally).

    People have purchased the “Full Version” – this is different to the “40 day Trial Version” because the “Full Version” gives you unrestricted access to Market Samurai after the trial period has expired, it gives you access to all future updates, priority support, and new “Paid Version Only” features.

    The “Final Version” is what Market Samurai will look like after it is no longer in beta – but there are still a lot of features to be completed and released before we reach that point. However, as I mentioned, Market Samurai is constantly being updated – and all features will be put in your hands as soon as they are ready. This means there will be little difference between the “Final Version” and the “Beta Version” that you might have received a week before the “Final Version” was released.

    So the full version is available for purchase now…

    …but we haven’t released the final version yet.

    ** “…as they are still trying to solve many issues…”

    Currently, there are 4 significant issues that have been reported, and are in the process of being solved.

    The first has been traced back to an issue with certain keywords – it affects data gathering, and in extreme cases it can cause a Market Samurai project data file to become corrupted upon saving.

    As I say, this issue has been traced, has been solved, the new update is undergoing final testing and is awaiting release in the coming days.

    The second and third issues have been more difficult to trace. They relate to data not being retrieved for the “SEOC” column inside the “Keyword Research” module, and data in backlink analysis tools in the “SEO Competition” module.

    We haven’t found the cause of this yet as the problem only affects a small number of users, most intermittently, and none have the same computer or network specs – so we haven’t been able to pin it down to a single cause.

    We’re just about to release a “Debug” version to these people though which will gather data on where the point of failure might be. Once we identify the point of failure, it shouldn’t take the team long to fix this issue.

    The fourth is an issue where users gathering data from non-English-speaking countries can have difficulty gathering some keyword data.

    While we know the cause, this has proven to be a difficult issue to get around as obviously we can’t change the physical location that users are using Market Samurai from.

    In the interim, while we are developing an effective solution, some users have used software called “HotSpot Shield” to “fake” where they are located, make it look like they are gathering data in the United States or another English speaking country, and get around restrictions from the data sources that Market Samurai uses to gather data.

    An anomaly here is that it also seems to affect a small number of users from English speaking countries too!

    I know you’re based in Singapore (and I’m very jealous, best food in the world – I still dream about the lau pa sat satays I had last time I was there – but I digress..) and being in Singapore, the data sources Market Samurai taps into should be giving you English language data, rather than confusing Market Samurai with non-English data.

    Obviously I don’t know what the specific issue is that you’re experiencing (I don’t have any support tickets specific to this, so I only know what you’ve said publicly), but this could potentially be the cause of your issue.

    ** “ they are still trying to solve many issues…”

    You’re correct in saying that we are solving issues – however, I wouldn’t describe it as “many issues” at this point – most of the kinks have been worked out already.

    ** “So if you intend to buy now, I think you should just save your money until a stable system is out.”

    Currently, Market Samurai is on special at $149.

    The reason for the discounted price is to thank people for putting their trust in us, reward them for getting in early, and give them a great deal because Market Samurai is not yet in its final release.

    Having said that, when the final release is available, the price will rise.

    When you consider that to get similar functionality presently, you might need to pay for 8 different competing pieces of software, each varying in price between $87 once-off, and $326 per year on a recurring subscription licence, a conservative value for Market Samurai would be 8 x $87 = $696. So at $149, this is still a significant saving to get this functionality.

    I don’t know how high the price will rise at this stage – and I don’t want people to buy Market Samurai unless they’re confident that the software will save them a lot of time and help them to be much more effective in their internet marketing – but it’s reasonably certain that someone could expect to pay a lot more for Market Samurai if they buy later.

    Finally – you mentioned you were experiencing problems with performance in your post…

    There are a lot of potential causes.

    For example, it can be caused by being on a dial-up internet connection to the internet (Market Samurai needs to gather a lot of data, and will try to do so quickly); it can be caused by low available RAM or CPU power; it can be caused by instabilities and bugs inside Windows Vista 64-bit installations themselves; and a handful of other potential causes.

    Some of these we can fix for you, some (like hardware that doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements) we unfortunately can’t fix.

    When you submit a support ticket, make sure you let us know about your system (CPU speed, RAM, operating system, whether it’s a 32 bit installation or 64 bit installation, what service pack you are running, your internet connection speed, the keywords you are analyzing, and anything else that might be relevant) so that we can rule out possibilities and find a solution for you.

    We’re always happy to help you – but as I say, we need to know when you have questions or problems before we can act.

    I hope this helps you out.

    Best of luck with the next 25 days as a full-time internet marketer!


  2. Hi Brent,

    So surprise you commented on my blog. Great that you have explained all the problems. Will be submitting all my problems to the helpdesk.

    Bigger surprise is that you have been to singapore too!


  3. Hi Andrew, you really inspires me with the data you update your reader. It’s so genuine! Hold on to the belief, I’m sure what you get out from IM will soon break through! Yeah!

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