I am Still Alive In Internet Marketing, Still Trying To Prove “Does Bum Marketing Work”

As I am still trying to prove does bum marketing work, I got a surprise call from Andrew Tan, from www.oasisofinspiration.com , informing me of some good news of Joel Christopher coming to Singapore, but the funny part was he asked me if I am still doing internet marketing as he noticed that I am not updating my businesspeanuts blog as often as I used to. I told him yes, I am. Just that I am neglecting more of businesspeanuts for now, until I can get a more steady income from my other niche. I just find it funny that I am trying to tell others how to earn more money from the Internet but I am not doing well enough. So the whole idea is to get the constant stream of income, and then I will feel qualified to write a blog about earning money.Hopefully, after documenting down all my research and strategies, I can just take this documentation and allow others to just follow the path that I have taken. Not sure how many people will be interested though.

Andrew wee from www.whoisandrewwee.com gave me an advice that I am following very closely. Concentrate on one website first, try to make the website earn at least $3ooo a month and then replicate the system for another niche. I agree on this strategy as well.

Anyway this is my clickbank account for the month of october and november. Sales have been coming in once a month, in fact, I had 2 sales for last month but 1 was refunded. Now, the whole strategy is to get 1 sale a day for 30 days to achieve $3000 so there are alot of tweaking, writing articles and just recently, I have been trying to join forums to learn how to steal forum traffic as well.

To end the note, I have finally manage to finish reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Millions of people have read it but for me, it was special because I had the book with me for 2 years and it took 4 attempts before I could finish reading the book and not falling asleep.

The only reason I could finish the book was because of my circumstances. I have tried my hands at network marketing, invested in a foreign property, meddling with internet marketing and just recently, bought a apartment with my family. In each of these events, the experiences and failures that I have been experiencing are deeply reflected in Napolean’s book. I finally understand why “Think and Grow Rich” is so popular and changed so many people’s lives. The book’s focus on persistence is my favourite and so, to end the blog, I will quote this sentence as an inspiration to all.

“Winners Never Quit And Quitters Never Win”

Hopefully, I can answer people on this question, does bum marketing work, with this answer “YES”. Look out for further updates of my progress next time. Thanks for reading.

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5 thoughts on “I am Still Alive In Internet Marketing, Still Trying To Prove “Does Bum Marketing Work”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Keep the faith ah. Remember to give yourself permission to succeed too! Takes a bit of introspection and in the end. “Desire” (from Think and Grow Rich) becomes the result and momentum takes place.

    See you on Tuesday.


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