Get Your Blog Post Republish To Other Websites For Free For The Time Being

Hi Friends,

Jon Leger (to me, he is the $7 man) has just started a new website that was launched to fill a gap for bloggers.  You can goto Share A Post now to check out what it is about.

In a nutshell (hopefully my own explanation is clear enough), we submit our articles to to get backlinks as well as traffic.  Well, for Share A Post, you submit your blog post (useful and informative content) to the website and other bloggers who are looking for quality blog post to add into their blogs will republish your blog post. So you can see more of your post being republished on other blog sites.

Share A Post Picture

Basically, to really know more about it, you just have to test it yourself.  Currently, this website is still undergoing testing and debugging and Jon has not decided if this service will continue to be free or he will charge a fee in future.  Anyway, no harm trying it now.

Just found out I got 2 blog post being republished already.



(PS: When you have the time, check out Jon Leger blog at too.  He has alot of good case studies to learn from.  And personally, I find that many of his experiments dispel what some other gurus are preaching about as well.)

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