For The First Time After Applying Bum Marketing Techniques, I Broke 2 Sales As A Early Xmas Present

Does Bum Marketing work? Or what is bum marketing all about? I have heard some new internet marketers asking. And my biggest reply is YES! It does!

I was previously saying in my previous post that Christmas came early for me as I got my first sale so early in the month of December and after a few days, I finally got my second sale of the month.

The sale of 1 product a month has finally been broken. This is the first time I have got 2 sales in one month for this pet project. Hopefully, since today is 10th Dec, there are another 20 days to go for another 1 or 2 more sales though I do expect any activity for health niche to slow down with Christmas Day approaching.

It’s a time for festive food so I expect sales to be less likely to happen but in January, it will seem like a time for everyone to make explosive sales once the turkey meat is digested and everyone starts making new year resolution to lose weight.

Anyway, I did not create any new articles but I have been experimenting with Yahoo Answers. Let’s see if the traffic is sustainable from this source of traffic or not.

As it stands, my earnings from just this health niche alone is $126.36. Still not an amount to allow someone to quit his job but at least the progress is there. I have 30 articles so I credit each article a value of $4.2 ($126.36 nett profit/30 articles).

I am going to launch another new website this week. Let’s see if the same formula works or not.



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2 thoughts on “For The First Time After Applying Bum Marketing Techniques, I Broke 2 Sales As A Early Xmas Present

  1. cool andrew!
    carry on with what you are doing.
    when you have built enough energy there, your sales will start to come in more and more.
    it happened to me too!
    great job!

  2. thanks man! I am outsourcing the article portions now. Since I have been lazy in writing articles, I need to spend some money in order to continue some actions. Hopefully, my profits can exceed my expenses.

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