For Part-Time Internet Marketers: Does Your Work Sap Away Your Energy To Do Your Online Business?

Hi friends,

Recently, I have been so busy at work and so burnt out from using my brain that I seem to have lost all interest in my work as well as in my internet marketing strategies. I can be sitting in front of the laptop after work and just not doing anything. The brain seems to freeze and no ideas, no inspiration and definitely a lost of momentum.

Most likely, this lifestyle will be over in the beginning of July when I am out of this job but for the time being, the struggles between work and online business is really bad.

The good thing though, I manage to secure $50+ dollars in commissions even though no action was done on my side at all. So more spare cash to spend when I am finally out of work. If you have any ideas for a JV for a project, let’s do it since I have the spare time coming up.



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4 thoughts on “For Part-Time Internet Marketers: Does Your Work Sap Away Your Energy To Do Your Online Business?

  1. that is the problem sometimes. too long at the computer or online.. though i can spend long hours each day online, sometimes i just want to get away from it by deliberately not using the computer or going online.. sometimes it becomes a luxury to be able to do that because for online people like us, being online can be the same as being at work because work-related arrows come at you..

    going to read up on the 4 hour work week soon.. at the end of the day, if you are doing very well in business earning good profits but you spent so much time on doing it, then you do not really have the time to live the lifestyle that you really want to enjoy…

    jia you !

  2. True true. Well, on the positive side, I would like to reach that point where i am earning good profits and no time to spent enjoying the lifestyle status.

    And then I can be qualified to ask myself “Am i enjoying myself?”.

    This will be my first goal. 🙂

  3. Yes, I think doing online business with a full time job is dangerous in the sense that you will just lost focus because the full time job is taking away most of our time and we only have the precious few hours at night to work on IM… But you are quitting already.. so good for ya!!

  4. Haha, I will be quitting temporarily only.

    But at least i will have at least 3 weeks to 1 month to do it full time. More time to access what can be outsource and what are the directions will be for my IM adventure.

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