Finally Finally I Reach 100 Subscribers!!! Who Says Being A Bum Marketer Is Easy?

Using the methods of bum marketing, I have finally reach 100 subscribers for my niche….It is not easy being a bum marketer. You have to really focus and work hard at it. But the learning experience was great!

The best part, which is also the funny part was, i was waiting for the 100th subscriber for 3 days. 99 subscribers since Sunday.

The song “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx kept playing beside my ear. It’s weird because almost everyday I will have 1 subscriber at least signing-up to my low conversion opt-in list but for this 100th subscriber, suddenly there was no one willing to opt-in.

And today, after 3 days of waiting, finally that elusive 100th subscriber arrive at 19:30:02. Ah……..Signs of relieve.

I have written a new Post-It with my next target. To Earn $200 and to get a subscriber list up to 200. Incidentally, I am reaching my $200 target soon so now I must work hard on increasing the conversion rate of opt-ins.

Though i do not really know how to convert subscribers into buying customers, at least there is a list that I can blast out and provide value to.

As for businesspeanuts readers, I think I can come up with a series of postings on how I use articles to drive 100 visitors a day to my niche website. Though I cannot write something about increasing conversion of customers yet, at least I finally realize how to drive more visitors. Stay tune. This is a 2 week traffic experiment. Just completed 1 week of data and once this week’s data is compiled, we can start to proceed with the series on article traffic generation.

By the way, I just bought a very small and cute laptop that allows me to type articles on the train and bus while I am travelling on my way to work. It is the Kohjinsha brand. Less than 1kg and running XP and only 500 mhz, it is just enough for me to create web pages and write articles at anyway. Just nice for any internet marketers who are part-timers like me.


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2 thoughts on “Finally Finally I Reach 100 Subscribers!!! Who Says Being A Bum Marketer Is Easy?

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I am still in the learning phase of bum marketing just like you, but I think you are making more progress than me. Hehe. Hope we both achieve our goals soon!

    Btw, sidetrack a bit, is your Kohjinsha laptop good? How much did you get it for? I am thinking of getting a small one too to accompany me on my IM journey. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Thanks Angela, we can always learn things together too. I think as long as we do not give up, we can achieve our goals.

    The kohjinsha laptop is pretty good. I used it to type articles on the MRT as well. And during lunch time, I used it to create websites too. I bought it for $899 at the IT show.

    I bought the cheapest model that runs on Win XP and it is 500mhz. Good enough to do your web thingy and can last around 3 hours. But if you switch on the wireless network, then the battery can only last around 2 hours. But personally, I will highly recommend this laptop.

    Don’t bother buying the one which is running on Win Vista, it is not performing as well.

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