Bum Marketing Makes 1st Feb 2008 A Beautiful Day!

Hi Friends,

These few things I have been doubling up on re-reading all the materials on bum marketing and how to improve my methods. So far I have spent around $300 (sing dollars) on outsourcing my article writings (50 articles in my possession) and my earnings of $259.65 (US). Due to conversion rates tumbling down for the US dollar, seems like my earnings still do not amount a lot but at least, it is in the profit margin (convincing myself it is still good).

But in a way, I am still running a loss as I have a fixed membership site that I subscribe to Wealthy Affiliates (a secret I seldom announce on this website, which is my best source of learning internet marketing), and my getresponse account (for collecting leads).

Anyway, things are starting to look beautiful on the first day of February. Keeping at my discipline of posting one article a day (bum marketing methods), finally looking at another sale.

This is just still from one website. Target is still to make at least $1k for this website I am currently focusing on. But the theory is that if you can generate at least $30 to $50 from one website, if you have 10 websites, that will be a cool $300 to $500 per month.

So imagine being able to optimize each website to $1k a month~~~That will be where the fun begins.

The 3 simple and powerful actions I did since revamping my niche website on 15 January 2008:

1 – Wrote on a post-it (paste it on my laptop and notebook so I will constantly be reminded to take action to achieve this target) that I want to earn $100 and get 100 subscribers (Currently $86.78 with 46 subscribers). The moment I reach this goal, I will increase it to $200 and so on. Power of visualization really helps to increase your productivity.

2 – Post 1 article per day (ping it and stumbleupon the moment it is accepted)

3 – When it is time to rest, must really rest. Reading internet marketing materials and checking stats and emails online should be reduce, and should at least contribute 1 action a day. Meaning post 1 yahoo answers, submit 1 article or blog about it.

That’s it!



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5 thoughts on “Bum Marketing Makes 1st Feb 2008 A Beautiful Day!

  1. Congrats on your improvement ! What a beautiful 1st Feb !By the way , i dont really like to collect leads nowadays because it doesnt improve my sales. so i usually do landing page without the opt in page.

  2. way to go andrew, just focus on taking action and you will achieve your goal some day soon..

    not long ago, one of ewen’s student managed to get a positive stream of steady income of about $1000 each month, and he is just 3-4 months into IM… i am sure many others can do the same if they apply what they have learned correctly..

  3. Hi,

    Thanks Hannie for the advise you gave me. I was also wondering about this list thingy as well. Anyway I am at the experimenting stage as well. I think maybe some niches, it will be a one-time fixed solution. Maybe some need a list, or some do not need.

    Thanks Donald, we can both achieve better results too man.


  4. i still think a list is important.. without a list, you cannot contact them at will whenever you wish to.. also most people do not have on a first visit, following up with them is important..

    if you have a list, and if your vendor happens to fail on you by shutting down its own affiliate program (this happens to me!), you can recommend a competitor’s product as per your wish, without having to rely on that one vendor 🙂

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