Bum Marketing In A Refreshing Effort Starting June 1st 2008.

Been getting back my momentum before my long awaited 3 weeks break from my job. Thanks Hannie for some valuable advice on how you achieve $100 a day and how I should focus my efforts when I do IM full time. Trying to get a schedule up and start tomorrow. Your advice on affiliate marketing for MoreNiche and Clickbank was great!

Anyway, I have been bored and today is the first time I check out the market place in sitepoint and suddenly, I learn so much more about building websites to sell, how everyone sells their service and the kind of money involved in buying content, buying websites as well as the selling portion.


Check out the website and maybe for newbies, we can learn quite alot from how some of the experts are doing. I was stunned by one of the offers on a health niche with a PR6 and looking at the website, I have no idea how google gave it a PR6. Need to really study how things worked.

I just sign up Jo Han Mok’s 60minstofreedom (totally sold out now) with a friend and will be starting in June 7th so hopefully this course can work out fine towards learning how to achieve a full time income online.

My sales from clickbank has been awefully stagnant since I stopped writing any articles nor building any links. Guess it is time to get back to focus.

Write more articles, automate more rewriting and finally building more links.

By the way, I will be raising the price of my offer for Frank Kern’s Mass Control Revealed or I will be taking it down.  The last 5 people will buy it and I will stop the offer.

Frank Kern’s Mass Control Revealed Private Interview



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