Testing Out This New Article Spinner By The Creators Of JetSpinner

I have been testing out this new article spinner service call Human Spinner 1.0 (in beta stage currently) from the creators of JetSpinner.  If you have been testing out the different article spinner services, you should roughly know that a software will try to change the words to something with the same meaning.  An so far, most of the article spinner services have failed (other than the exception of ContentFX).

But for this new service, Human Spinner 1.0, instead of having a program to change the words for you, each article that you submit will actually be changed by real human writers on the spot.  You can choose to pay per paragraph or per sentence to change.  I have just submitted my first article and opt for a change for all sentences just to see its result.  It will be interesting because you can have the same article being rewritten by real humans instead of some lousy piece of software.  I think it takes around 1 hour for the article to be totally rewritten for each sentence.

Stay tune for the results……



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2 thoughts on “Testing Out This New Article Spinner By The Creators Of JetSpinner

  1. Actually my results have been fantastic. Getting abit addicted and lazy too. What i did was to pump in 3 long articles which i copy from other websites and then get human spinner rewrite the content for me. And it came out 100% unique from the original article.

    It cost me between $8 to $13 to get at least 2 to 3 variations per sentence rewrite but the best thing is that they will give you a seed file which you can put it into jetspinner and it gives out another 10 articles with 45% to 89% uniqueness in each articles.

    And the final touch i did was to make some small changes to make all 10 articles to be between 80% to 100% unique from each other.

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