Great New Features From EzineArticles Directory For Monthly Statistics And Graphs

I was logging in to my ezinearticles account to check my statistics for my new articles when suddenly these graphs appeared. And there was monthly tracking as well. I was pretty impressed. Look below:

This was an article in March 08 and as you can see from the graph, the peak was in May 08 and after that, the traffic didn’t really pick up much. I remember that this article was bringing me one to two clickbank sales per month during those peak months.

In the past, I was recording the statistics myself to track the performance of each articles so that you will know how to improve the SEO as well as get more links to it. But with the monthly statistics and graphs, it will definitely make my life simpler as an article marketer trying to make sense of how each of my articles are performing.

Kudos to EzineArticles for including this new feature.

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