Finally Found A Convertable Product On Clickbank That Really Converts

Interesting statistics of my clickbank sales that I have been compiling today.  Since I have not been able to do anything these couple of weeks due to me being back training in the army, I was pleasantly surprise to see 2 sales for this week already.



Most of my sales currently come from this one clickbank product and it has been giving me sales every week for the month of october and 2 new sales in the first week of november 2008.

Total, I have already sold 17 and this is the statistics:

1 refund

9 sales generated from google adwords

7 sales generated from article marketing

Highlights of article marketing:

I have only 5 adgroups to get that 9 sales from google but the interesting part is that I have 13 articles to generate 7 sales.

If each article cost me $4 (Singapore dollars), then I have only spent $52.  And each sales I will receive USD$26.30 so the total is USD$184 (Sing is $272).

Therefore, my total profits is $272 (sing) -$52 (sing) = $220.

I have already lost count on how much i have spent on google adwords due to the constant bidding changes and deleting of useless keywords but ultimately it became slightly profitable.

So the ratio of my articles to sales will be 13 articles : 7 sales => 53.8% conversion rate.

I have around 50 articles in my harddisk that I have not submitted but let me do an experiment for the month of november to submit all 50 articles and if it works, I should roughly have another 26 sales, which will amount to Sing $1012.  Hopefully it will works.



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