Affiliate Websites Services

1 – Creation of New Affiliate Websites

  • You will need to provide me with the main keyword you are targetting, and the topics you want to write
  • 1 will create a 6 page website using wordpress, with the main article on the home page with 800 words, and 5 articles with 500 words each.
  • If you do not have a suitable wordpress theme, I can suggest it to you
  • Let me know if you are trying to monetize the website via Adsense, Amazon, or clickbank
  • I will do basic On-page SEO on each page or post but I will not do anything backlinking

2 – Ready Made Adsense Affiliate Sites

I also create and built adsense websites with 1 main article and 4 sub articles.  Very little or no backlinking is done.  I am just building them and letting them rank on its own.  Most of these sites, if i place them below, are earning a small amount of money each month via adsense.  Hence, I will not charge high rates but I do want to profit a little to cover all the money spent on articles, domain name, hosting etc.

I cannot guarantee these websites will rank indefinitely due to google’s contant changes but because very little or no backlinking is done, there should not be alot of impact.  You can just buy it from me and then start adding articles and any backlinks you want.

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