Recommendation: Article On Using JV To Sell Affiliate Products

Another interesting article by Mark Daoust from  This article is based on his interview of David Cooper of Affiliate Avalanche.

You can always count on for very informative articles and for this article, David Cooper talks about his methods of using JV to promote products.  Yes, it was always the same old story but this is slightly different because, in the interview, David Cooper was actually suggesting using JV partners to do affiliate marketing.  Or in simple newbie terms, doing JV using other people’s products.

In his article, Mark Daoust also manage to get more hints on a few pointers that you will learn from:

– What makes a good affiliate program

-Should you write your own product or get merchants to write

– Tips on creating your own materials for sale

– Tips on building links using using social bookmarking

The articles are free to read and one very important point to note is that these are quality articles and not just any “rewrite” articles you can find in article directories.

So just read more articles and may we learn and earn more together!

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