Ewen Chia Work From Home Review: Do Not Buy Unless You Are A Totally Completely New Marketer

Ewen Chia Work From Home Honest Review:

As usual, I always cannot resist buying Ewen Chia products (I am sucker for his products because I have always earn some money from the tips he has given to me).

You can learn a lot of the sales funnel he uses that always give you the urge to buy everything, from upsell to downsell and cross sell. But for this product, though I have to say I really learnt a lot on his sales page and marketing technique, I have to be frank and say that do not buy unless you are a completely new affiliate marketer.

Though it is cheap at only $9.97 (which I bought), the main product is very very basic and unless you have totally no clue about affiliate marketing or internet marketing in general, I will rather you spent your money on his previous products like secret affiliate weapon or auto-pilot profits. I particularly liked his newbie cash machine as well as the monthly membership site, Super Affiliates (both my reviews on squidoo on newbie cash machine and super affiliates are on the right hand side of this blog).

Let me breakdown what I thought about his main product and his bonus.

Let me start with what I do not like about the product and the bonus.

Instant Income System:

This is just to help him sell his work from home product, and you can earn from the upsells after a customer buys from your link.

Cons: Personally, I will find it difficult to sell Ewen Chia’s product when they are so many major “gurus” promoting his product. Unless you are someone who already have a list in the internet marketing niche, I figure it will be difficult to sell his product.

The Work From Home Secret Report:

It is not really very secret. Personally, I think you can find much more information for free on the Internet if you try to search hard enough. Too basic information. The only thing I like about this report will be his 2 pictures of 2 squeeze pages that he has.

How To Steal Other People’s Work And Get Rich!

Sounds good right? It sure does but I still find this report too basic. It is just basically asking you to spy on other people’s website and do it better than them.

Mystery Bonus 1: Giant Headline Swipe File

Hmm…I am not sure if i can announce on this blog about this mystery bonus but this bonus is just normal standards for me because you can look around at any headers and try to make changes without really paying any money for it.

What I do like about the Product That Justifies The $9.97.

Mystery Bonus 2: The Ultimate Sales Copy Formula

This is to me the ultimate gem in any of the bonus he has offered for this work from home product. And this is not announce on the sales page. The way he has presented on how a person reads a sale page, using the different flow charts to present his ideas, this is to be the absolutely easiest report I have ever read on understanding and writing a sales copy.

It makes a lot of sense that this bonus is worth more than the $9.97 price tag and the only reason why I will urge anyone to buy this product is just because of this bonus. It has always been Ewen Chia’s style to offer bonus that are even better than the main product and this is evident here too.

Only For Very New Marketers Offer:

I am going to show my affiliate link here to promote Ewen Chia Work From Home product just so that you can get the mystery bonus 2 as I think it is worth the price for it.

Step 1: Clear your cookies first

Step 2: Click on the link below.

Step 3: Tell me which bonus do you want after you have purchase Ewen Chia Work From Home product.

All quite simple right?

Follow This Link To Get Ewen-Chia-Work-From-Home-Review

Ewen Chia Work From Home Picture

And as a bonus, you can choose either one of these products as a bonus from me. One is the Secret Traffic Code and the other is the Affiliate Rescue. I have the rights to use as a bonus for a paid product so I figure you can have it.

Traffic SecretsAffiliate Rescue


On A Final Note:

There are many other major serious players promoting this product so if you can, get it from them as I think they may have much better bonus than what I am offering.

Please Please only get this product if you have no clue or never had any sales from clickbank before and need some basic guidance.



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7 thoughts on “Ewen Chia Work From Home Review: Do Not Buy Unless You Are A Totally Completely New Marketer

  1. Haha, I have to be fast. Just in case anyone wants to buy, they can read my reviews and think twice about buying.

    But I really like the sales copy bonus guide that I mention though. Reading it now. The rest I do not think is worth printing out to read.

  2. i gotta agree, the front end product was pretty basic. but what about the homestudy program, issit worth it? i just got the internet wealth system, a big fan of ewen as i am, it’s still too basic for me, but is perfect for beginners though.

  3. homestudy program i did not buy. If you ask me, until now, i still personally recommend his newbie cash machine. Other than that, all his other products are just basic stuff.

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