Ewen Chia SuperAffiliate Review Using Videos For The First Time

Hi Everyone,

Remember my previous post on developing a video to give you a sneak peek and review on Ewen Chia’s SuperAffiliate. I think it took me 7 tries to finally accept this final video version but somehow, the volume of my voice is too loud so I have to go back and figuring how to adjust the volume using Camtasia.

It’s been really an action packed week for me as I have been creating a few websites while following the videos provided by SuperAffiliates. I like creating websites, but next will be the tough part, getting traffic once all the websites are up. I tend to get lazy especially article writing and the worst part is article marketing really works!

I will be resuming my Pay-Per-Click Adventures next week too. I am gathering all the keywords now as well. So let’s hope I can see an increase in earnings for the month of December 07 and January 08.

Here is the link to my sneak peek on Ewen Chia Super Affiliate Reviews. Do leave me a comment on this post on the video, my first review on a product performance using videos.



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