Ewen Chia Super Affiliate Review And A Early Christmas Present From Clickbank: I am a Damn Lazy Marketer!

Hi Everyone,

I just finished reviewing Ewen Chia Super Affiliate and it was a busy time for me to study the contents to implement new internet marketing strategies, create new websites as well as modifying the existing websites that I have.

And Xmas came early for me too. Made another small sale today. I have been very lazy, very very lazy. All I have been doing is looking at my traffic statistics everyday and till date, I have only written one article for the whole month of november. So at present, I have 30 articles and my total sales is 4 totaling $99.79. One month one sales seems to be guaranteed. Next is trying to make sales every day. So it makes my articles worth $3.33 per article. And the best part is that from the time I made one sale in november until today, my traffic to clickbank product was only 35 clicks but I manage to get that 1 sale so it feels great! I am really a lazy bum trying to be discipline to carry out bum marketing methods.

Anyway, I have devoted this whole week to study up on Ewen Chia’s latest Super Affiliate membership site. I have to admit that I am a big Ewen Chia fan because I got my first clickbank sales selling his Newbie Cash Machine using the methods he taught as well. My take on Ewen Chia’s super affiliate membership is that it is very good!

The information blue print has been fantastic and I am trying to do a video of the things that can be found in his super affiliate website. I usually set aside $100 to learn about all these products and what they offer. And by far, Ewen products have always over-deliver and this time is no exception.

While reading and watching all the videos (the bonus videos was the best value on affiliate marketing that so far no one has really been willing to reveal), I have already created another 1 website for launch next week plus modifying another 2 websites for changes next week as well. Sometimes, learning all these stuff is good but action is even better. So I will watch each step and immediately create or apply the changes.

The only part that I am lazy is trying to write more articles. I am thinking of outsourcing my article writing and just concentrating on mastering pay-per-click advertising.

Anyway, if you are interested, you can check out his sales page here or you can wait for my video on a sneak peek on what is inside Super Affiliates and then decide if it is suitable for you to improve your affiliate marketing skills.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Just an opinion, though I made very little money from clickbank, if I were to reveal my websites, my keywords and articles to get those sales, would anyone be interested and how much this kind of information would be worth? Any comments?

Thanks for reading.



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4 thoughts on “Ewen Chia Super Affiliate Review And A Early Christmas Present From Clickbank: I am a Damn Lazy Marketer!

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