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Hi all,

<Updated As Of 23rd April 2009>

A bit of stuff about me.

Started businesspeanuts.com in year 2007.

I am interested in soccer, softball and watching movies, reading books too. Always looking for a niche that will capture my attention and allow me to focus my energies on!

If you are interested to know more, read on

Stuff that I have dabbled in includes:

Stocks, Shares and Unit trust – I once stop working for 4 months, and it was a really a thrill of my life. I was playing shares contra-style, and i don’t think my heart has ever pump faster in my life!

Highest point was when i gambled a particular share and got $900 in a day. Happiness moment.

Lowest point was when i lost $4000 in 2 days. My god, you cannot imagine the feeling. First $1000, heart breaking, second $1000, already starting to have depression and by the time it hit $4000, I just lost all emotions. Lucky I manage to win back the $4000 in 2 weeks but after that, I just could not convince myself to continue anymore.

Investment in china property:

Gather so much cash to buy a property in China, hopefully I can get back all my capital, please pray for me!

Network Marketing:

Dabbled in it but I was just not focus enough. At the time i was doing network marketing, it was also the same time i was playing shares as well as investing in china. But I did learn a lot about how to talk to people, how to observe and how to be passionate about the product I am representing.

My Internet Marketing Adventures:

It has been a pretty amazing journey.  I turned full time in 1st September 2008 and it was pretty scary because I gave up a lot of variable bonus, annual wage bonus, a fixed income that was worth more than $60k.  And 2 weeks into september, the first sign of recession happened.  Can you imagine my feelings at that point of time….

But today, on 23rd April 2009, I am still standing here, still being full time.

My strengths is in being able to learn technical stuff fast so using this skill set, I made instructional videos for customers, as well as setup websites for customers as well.  I am able to use software like camtasia to teach my customers how to use complicated software by recording the videos into simple-to-understand-and-follow instructional videos.

I have recently started exploring into making my own software to benefit my Internet Marketing efforts so that more time can be spent enjoying life, and yet, achieve a comfortable income.

Hopefully, my income will increase though.  Biggest problem working at home is motivation.  There are just too many distractions at home.  So if you ever want to find me, go to Woodlands Civic Centre starbucks or the woodlands library.  There are plenty of plugs available to charge your laptop.  I will be in starbucks with a $7 mocha frappacino (Venti size) to last me 5 hours there.


Robert Kiyosaki, of Rich Dad, Poor Dad book (He made me find that life has more meaning).  Without reading and exposing to Robert’s book, I do not think I will ever dare step out of my job and into a path that i can call my own.

Adam Khoo, singapore’s very own poster boy, after reading his book, he just inspired me to start exploring internet marketing.

Thats all, want to know more, drop me a comment.  I used to display my email but there are just too many spam emails.


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