Magic Article Rewriter Spinner Software – Video Review of My Experience

Magic Article Rewriter is one of the best tools I have used so far for spinning my articles.  Every time I have completed an article, and approved by ezinearticles, I will take this article, and use magic article rewriter to spin the article and submit to

You cannot believe how much time it is going to take me to spin a 800 word article, starting from scratch. I am going to write a few pointers on why I like the software and please continue watching my video review of magic article rewriter.

1 – thousands of words ready in the database to give you suggestions

2 – the flexibility of Magic Article rewriter is that I can add in my own variations, and continue building a database of word variations and with just a click of a button, the software will immediately find all the words in the database I have build, and add in the variations for all the words that can be found in the article.  It is going to save you a lot of time

3 – the ability to just spin 1 article to review if there are any errors and the ability to mass spin 100s of articles for you to submit to the different web directories, web20, and article directories

4 – it has a export function that will change the spin code format so that you can submit to these main 4 article directory submission websites: namely free traffic system, my article network, article marketing automation, and unique article wizard.

5 – there is this “apply magic” function that is not included unless you choose to buy the function.  There is this function for you to build your own database of word variations which I mention above.  And this “apply magic” function is similar, except that it comes with 11,000 word variations which can really shorten the time you will need to spend on spinning your article.

6 – there is the function to show you how many words are in the article, and the uniqueness density (alot of websites requires your spin articles to be around 30% unique so this software can you help gauge how much more you need to spin).

7 – there are also the basic functions of spell checks, cut, copy and paste functions.

Ok. Check out the 2 videos I have done to show you how Magic Article Rewriter works.

Click on the button (as shown in the picture below) to enlarge the video.

Magic Article Rewriter Video Part 1

Magic Article Rewriter Video Part 2

I have also build up a few more videos to show you in detail on how to use magic article rewriter and how to use your spin article and submit to and get the backlinks you need.  But I will not show it to the public.  It will only be available to people who buy the software through my links.  Here are the bonuses:

Bonus 1

– how to get spin word variations using the software
– how to add and edit your own word variations
– how to use the “apply magic” button to immediately spin your articles
– how to spin 1 article and how to get mass article spins
– how to export your spin articles using the “Spun article” function
– and finally how to submit the spin article to for backlinks

Bonus 2

– I will personally spin 1 article that you send to me.
– the article you sent to me should have a title,
– and the article body around 450 to 500 words,
– and tell me the anchor text you are trying to build backlinks with.

I will come up with a spin article that you can immediately use to submit to to start building your backlinks.

I know my English does not sound good nor clear, and honestly, I tend to speak better english when I am not recording.  Somehow, when the microphone is on, I tend to stammer, add in some funny singaporean lingo, and the words like “ok” and “ah” keeps coming out of my voice.

I do not really want to throw in some useless PLR bonus that everyone seems to be doing so this bonus is what I can call my own and share it with you guys.  Just drop me a comment here if you bought the software and i will send you the download links for the videos.  It will be in FLV format but it will be pretty clear since I use camtasia version 6 to record, and use youtube’s technology to do the conversion of avi to flv.

Here are the steps:

1 – Click here to buy Magic Article Rewriter
2 – Drop me a comment and I will get back to you on where to download the videos

3 – Sign up for a free account with if you do not have one account yet

Anyway, regardless of whether you want to buy Magic Article Rewriter through me or not, I will still recommend it.  Thanks for watching the videos and reading my review.



Merry Xmas to Anyone who stops by

Hi Everyone, just want to say meRRy XmAs and a Happy New Year to anyone who is still sober from the Xmas Parties.

I am not a Christian but I have always enjoyed this festive season (there is a sense of happiness amid the dark times).  And it was nice to have a Kentucky Fried Chicken family feast, as well as some sushi with my family (too bad my mum had to work late).  And this will be my beloved niece’s 2nd Xmas.  She has been eyeing the presents I have for her.

(borrowed this belowed picture from and will be writing a post about them soon)

I know it has been a long time since I have updated this blog with any new posts but writing is not really my forte i guess.  Anyway, another few days and the new year is upon us too.  So it is time for reflections, for new targets (or in my case, renewing my old targets).  These are the questions that always pop up in my head every year end (yes, I tend to talk to myself):

– So how was your year?

– Do you see progress or do you feel stagnant?

– Do you feel you have moved a level higher in your IM progress or still stuck at the same position?

– What should be done to improve?

For me, this year was a roller coaster ride.  Income went up and down and discipline was really a challenge to maintain.  And time really flies.  I quit my job and started a full time business online on 1st September 2008 and now is almost till the end of 2009. Wow!

The beginning first six months was pretty ok, and july till October was pretty bad, and now, things seem to be looking up again.  There are so many adjustments and seriously speaking, I am still not really in the “responsibility” mode for my business.

But things are improving.

– I started without any partners in business but ended the year with 2 great business partners (yes, you, Ben and John).

– Got myself a new mentor, and a few of us are learning so much from a certain marketer that is imparting so much skills to us (will soon be revealed).

– Finally found 2 great and hardworking writers (who are on a month long xmas break)

And since there are 6 more days to the new year, I figure I will write some resources that has helped, guided and showed me some ways to leverage time.  And to share with everyone in the next 6 days before I disappear without a post in the new year.

So enjoy the Xmas holidays, the new year holidays, and hope that the world will be a better place (the climate is pretty screwed up these days but no harm in being optimistic).

Always believe in the law of attraction, and just think about having better times and higher income, and through your actions, it will come. (I am telling myself this, but you are welcome to share this optimism as well)

Happy Holidays, Merry Xmas and a Happy Year too!