Day 1: Receive Patric Chan “Inside The Underground Insider Marketing Lab”

Finally receive my CDs of Patric Chan’s “Inside The Underground Insider Marketing Lab” course that he has been promoting recently.  This is probably one of my last Internet Marketing products that I will be buying.  I am pretty impress with his courses (I was once in his Chan Do It membership) so far and I am going to use his course to make money within 30 days.

As some of you know, I am turning to IM full time on Monday 01-September-2008.  My last day on the job is actually Friday 29th August 2008.  So I will rest 2 days during the weekends and next monday, it sounds like a good day to start my journey from ground zero.

Anyway, I will write down my experiences here starting from Day 1 to Day 30. Let’s see how i can apply Patric’s methods to boost my earnings for September 2008.

So far, my IM earnings for August is below:

august 2008 clickbank earnings

august 2008 paypal earnings

august 2008 ebay earnings

Earnings from Clickbank is US$84.93

Earnings from PayPal is US$167.5

Earnings from ebay is US$5.84

Total Earnings: US$258.27

The biggest problem is I cannot withdraw money from ebay and clickbank because the amount is too low for me staying in Singapore.  So the target will be to increase my income from clickbank and paypal account to $2k each.  And starting from September to December (4 months), lets see how i can increase to such an amount.

Anyway, I have a few part time jobs so I can still have some money for expenses but ultimately, I have burn the bridge of my stable monthly income to force myself to succeed in Internet marketing.  Some people say why not wait until you get a stable IM income before you become full time, but my job as a programmer is taking up so much of my energy and time that I barely have any strength to do IM.  So it is now or not.  The journey starts 1st September 2008.

Anyway, I will be using Patric Chan’s Inside Marketing Lab as the basis point of my journey.  Track me here.

Thanks for reading.

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Great New Features From EzineArticles Directory For Monthly Statistics And Graphs

I was logging in to my ezinearticles account to check my statistics for my new articles when suddenly these graphs appeared. And there was monthly tracking as well. I was pretty impressed. Look below:

This was an article in March 08 and as you can see from the graph, the peak was in May 08 and after that, the traffic didn’t really pick up much. I remember that this article was bringing me one to two clickbank sales per month during those peak months.

In the past, I was recording the statistics myself to track the performance of each articles so that you will know how to improve the SEO as well as get more links to it. But with the monthly statistics and graphs, it will definitely make my life simpler as an article marketer trying to make sense of how each of my articles are performing.

Kudos to EzineArticles for including this new feature.

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Woo Hoo !!! 3rd Clickbank Sale In First 10 Days Using Google Adwords


3rd clickbank sales in first 10 days of August 2008. First time in my own slow history that i got 3 sales in 10 days. Woo hoo!! Spent $5 on advertising and got back $25.92. It sure felt great!

Now, I am stuck though. I have a set of keywords using google adwords but I am not sure how to scale it bigger to increase my traffic and sales. Time to read more books and blogs to find a solution. If anyone can advise me on the next step, it would be greatly appreciated.



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Happy August 08 Using Adwords For Clickbank Sales.

Short post on using adwords.  2 sales in early august.  I guess it is a pretty good start for me. Though i am far off from alot of people but this is the first time i have such results.  At least it is more than $50 per week.  For August, have 2 sales hitting $53.26.  Plus i just completed a website project for a client for $48 so total income for august 08 is $101.26. Lets see if i can hit $300 this month or not.

Oh, will be starting a CPA campaign again.  Hope this works fine.



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