Disappointed With Jo Han Mok’s 60 Minutes To Freedom Course

This is a rant. I am not sure if I am a failure after paying for Jo Han Mok’s 60 Minutes To Freedom course but it is really disappointing! One email mention that some of the members are earning money already (even though I do not understand how with the kind of advice given).

I decided to take up this course because i have always been impressed with the marketing skills of Jo Han Mok but this course has seriously caused my impression of him to be down the drain!

The “so call” business in a box is way way way way X3 below expectations for a US$997 course. This is the 4th business-in-a-box already and all are lousy and disappointing. I did not want to mention the quality of the course here while i was waiting for someone to reply me on my refund request but seems like they just cannot be bothered. I thought with Jo Han Mok, things will be high quality with good support and no one seems to be bothered with me. I have a friend whom i showed the kind of things offered so far and it is barely anything worth the US$997.

Is there anyone else asking for refund? Can anyone advise me on what action can i take?



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Break From Work Finally, Off To Bangkok For Holidays, And Do Full Time Marketing For 3 Full Weeks.

I am finally free.  My holiday starts from the 19th of June all the way until the 13th of July 2008! Woo HOO!!

After being so busy working and trying to balance so many projects, I can finally do what I am interested, which is to Bum Market Back To Financial Freedom!

But First……Holiday to bangkok!

Will start updating regularly once I am back.  Will also do a full review of my fellow Internet Marketing’s new ebook too.  He is regularly earning 4 figure income, always focus and hardworking (you should see his mindmaps in his exercise books), and I will reveal to you his new ebook that requires to get into the action to the tune of earning $1000 to $2000 online!

Stay tune…..



Bum Marketing – Earn Money Working From The Comforts Of Home Is Not Easy

You Have Been Sold The Idea That Earning Money Working From Home Is Easy

The very idea that you can earn money working from home is one that can really get people excited with plenty of ideas on how much money that can potentially earn from the Internet. But life working from the comfort of your own home can be far from the reality some guru always portray to others. Do not get sold into the idea that making money from home means you can constantly be relaxed and comfortable, only working one hour a day. What makes it different is the fact that even though you are doing a job, there is no safety net that comes when a person is employed. Instilling certain disciplines and methods into your working can make you successful and totally independent.

The majority of us hope to identify a way that we can make easy quick money, and all of us that look at all of the different ways to work from home are at first drawn into all of the different types of offers of get rich quick schemes. Some of these do really work, but rarely enough to justify the hype that normally surrounds the sales pitch each person receives.

These Paid Surveys And Home Based Data Entry Jobs Rarely Turns Out Real. Mostly Exist As A Scam

Opportunities such as paid surveys and home based data entry jobs promise to make you rich but they very often don’t deliver what they state. One imagines doing a few surveys in the morning, then a leisurely lunch may be, then doing a few more surveys and ending up with several hundred dollars for the day; this is ridiculous.

How About Writing Your Life To A More Stable Online Income As A Start

This really isn’t the way to go if you are looking for a well paid job working out of home. This is an area where scams abound so it pays to be careful. If you do have the writing skills, you can start off by writing articles – and there is always a need for these; of course how well you do will depend on how good you are. However, in the beginning you will usually find that you are writing for people who are selling your efforts on as their own. In the beginning, it doesn’t pay well – perhaps for 500 words, just but this is how it goes so don’t get disappointed.


If you then start thinking of writing for yourself, you could maybe think of private label rights or PLR articles as these could bring in more money. You could write a certain number of articles and then sell them not to one but a few people, pricing the articles low. If you charged 10 dollars for the bundle of ten and sold them to thirty people, that would be 300 dollars, or the equivalent of 30 dollars an article, which is considerably better than 5 dollars an article.


You need to put in constant efforts to make your home based employment more dependable and to earn a regular income. In the beginning it will not be easy, however, once the kinks have been ironed out and the process streamlined, it will be easy. When it gets to the point of getting a pool of writers who outsource for one, that will be the point of hitting the jackpot and real money can be earned.



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Beginning Jo Han Mok’s 60 Minutes To Freedom Program

Today is day 3 of receiving Jo Han Mok’s business-in-a-box program. So far, so good, everything has been quite easy up until the adwords portion.  It is really an art. I have already racked up $34.88 all in just one day with a total of 184 clicks.  And click-thru rate to the merchant is 100 clicks and no sales so far.  So far, how does my campaign feels like?

$43.86 / 205 clicks = 0.214 per click

Failed to include tracking.  My fault.  Should have considered everything to track the stats and if there is a sale, at least the stats will tell me where it is coming from.

Biggest problem I have with Adwords now: I pump in 1700 keywords, and it has been asking me to raise some bids from 0.15 to 0.45 and more. And now, the biggest shocker, all keywords are being deactivated because some of the bids minimum requirement has jump to $1.50.  Damn!

Nevermind, a lot to learn.  Back to the drawing board to redo some pages and hopefully, I can reduce the quality score.



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Article Creation Results Of My Testing Of Human Spinner 1.0 Beta Version

Completed my testing of Human Spinner 1.0 Beta.  It took nearly 12 hours for the results to be completed.  And after completion, you have to choose the sentences that you like or you can reject.  And the good thing is that the website will help you to write a seed file for use with JetSpinner.

And after using jetspinner, I used the original article to compare the uniqueness between the 10 new articles.

Article 1  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 76.7%  -> Words: 500
Article 2  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 59.19% -> Words: 509
Article 3  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 79.25% -> Words: 497
Article 4  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 59.19% -> Words: 510
Article 5  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 52.48% -> Words: 511
Article 6  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 80.77% -> Words: 506
Article 7  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 71.43% -> Words: 470
Article 8  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 68.94% -> Words: 507
Article 9  Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 85.05% -> Words: 487
Article 10 Spin-Off from JetSpinner => Unique 87.62% -> Words: 468

It cost me around $5 to get the article to be rewritten but the value for money service is that it can create all the sentences from and spin out another 10 articles.  So it is almost like paying $5 for 10 articles.



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