To Earn Money Using Resale Rights: Great Post By Patric Chan On Thinking Out Of The Box

Patric Chan has just written a great post on selling resale rights.  I believe after reading it, it will give you some ideas on what to do with the resale rights products that you have stored on your harddisk and how you can stand out from the crowd.

Please read it and enjoy the weekends.




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Get Your Blog Post Republish To Other Websites For Free For The Time Being

Hi Friends,

Jon Leger (to me, he is the $7 man) has just started a new website that was launched to fill a gap for bloggers.  You can goto Share A Post now to check out what it is about.

In a nutshell (hopefully my own explanation is clear enough), we submit our articles to to get backlinks as well as traffic.  Well, for Share A Post, you submit your blog post (useful and informative content) to the website and other bloggers who are looking for quality blog post to add into their blogs will republish your blog post. So you can see more of your post being republished on other blog sites.

Share A Post Picture

Basically, to really know more about it, you just have to test it yourself.  Currently, this website is still undergoing testing and debugging and Jon has not decided if this service will continue to be free or he will charge a fee in future.  Anyway, no harm trying it now.

Just found out I got 2 blog post being republished already.



(PS: When you have the time, check out Jon Leger blog at too.  He has alot of good case studies to learn from.  And personally, I find that many of his experiments dispel what some other gurus are preaching about as well.)

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Please Be Careful When You Sign Up For Any Internet Marketing Product

Hi Friends,

Please Be Careful When You Sign Up For Any Internet Marketing Product That Is Too Good To Be True.

Recently, I am beginning to see a certain trend.

When I decided to buy a $1 product recently, I did not notice a automatic subscription was in the $1 that I sign up. It specify that $29 will be deducted every month after the first month newsletter is sent and if you do not send an email to cancel the subscription, your credit card will automatically be deducted. This was mention in the sales letter but it was so unnoticeable that I virtually do not remember seeing such a condition until I paid the $1.

Immediately, I sent out an email to them to cancel my subscription and the return email assured me that they will not charged me. But sadly, after one month, while checking my credit card bill, to my amazement, I was charged!!!!!

I have since sent them an email to get my money back but no one is replying me. This is very sad because this marketer is quite highly respected and now, the image I have of him has totally been destroyed. If I do not get back my refund after I send out my second email, I am going to post who this marketer is.


On a side note, I am beginning to see other marketers giving out free CDs, and all you have to do is to pay the shipping and delivery. But there is a small catch. There is also an automatic subscription to the newsletter that you have to call the office to cancel if you do not want it.

This is terrible. The information was presented in such a way that it seems like there is no problems but I see it as a serious problem. If this happens in the offline world, you will most likely see many customers demanding the authorities to take action. But on the online world, who can we approach?



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Review: ContentFX Is The Rebirth Of iContentRobot And It Is Getting Better And Better

Hi Friends,

Negative Issues: If you have been promoting iContentRobot and notice that you manage to get some affiliate sales, it is with a high possibility that you may have not gotten paid until now.

You will have to direct all commission inquiries to Latif at and not the current programmers at ContentFx. And you may or may not have a reply. I send the email on 14-May-2008 and so far, I did not receive any reply about my commission so far. I was expecting $72 per month but i can’t even get a single cent now. My first try at promoting a new membership site and this kind of thing happened.

For those of you who do not know what went wrong, you can read the real issues between the promoter and the programmers rife at the link below:

What NOT to do when hiring a Promoter or JV Broker

Sad to hear things did not work out well between the programmers and the promoter but I am still a big fan of these programmers.

Positive Thinking: Anyway, I still believe in the software and technology so I will continue supporting the programmers.

And therefore, I shall present to you …….

Introducting ContentFX


For most people, you may not know ContentFX but maybe you know about iContentRobot. I did a series of videos to promote the icontentrobot. Basically, the article generator created by the programmers allows you to generate articles in just 4 seconds or less.

And each article generated on the same topic will be similar in ideas but different in structure and words.

From my personal experience, for each article generated, using a content checker, between the first version and second version, the similarities was at minimum 65% different and the highest percentage i got was 98% different. It is virtually considered as a totally different article. You can view of my past videos below:




You cannot just pick any topic you want and retrieve new articles. Currently, the topics available are given by the programmers so you can only generate the articles based on the list of topics they have.

But fret not!

There is going to be a new improvement in the technology so that you can insert your own keywords and get a new unique article generated for you in seconds. Read on below:

The Birth Of ContentFX And The End of iContentRobot

For everyone who are using icontentrobot, or considering about iContentRobot, this is to inform you that it will no longer be called iContentRobot and it will forever be known as ContentFX.

So whats New In ContentFX ?

The programmers of ContentFX have added new features revolving their article generation technology and I have to say I am quite a fan of their work. To save my trouble, hopefully Ted at would not mind if I place a portion of his blog below to show the new features of ContentFX:

———-Excerpts From Start—————-

There are some new and exciting enhancements coming to ContentFX in the very near future:

A new and improved content generator where you can insert your own keywords to retrieve articles. Check out the video overview of this amazing technology:

An article directory script for every member to install on their own domain that will be networked with the entire membership. This alone is worth hundreds of dollars. Imagine hundreds and thousands of one way backlinks to your money site all on autopilot. Check out the video overview:

Auto Blog Posting Script that will post unique articles to your WordPress and Blogger blogs every day on autopilot. Check out this amazing technology in this video overvview:

and many more features in the works and being tested right now.

———-Excerpts From End—————-

Results After Testing The New Added Features:

Auto-blog Posting

Personally, I have just installed the auto blog posting scripts and it is working great!

I manage to configure 2 of my other blogs to automatically get a new blog post everyday, with keywords embedded with affiliate links so that I do not need to update those blogs personally.


The only suggestion I would like to make to the programmers is to change the execution job. Currently, if you have 5 projects to auto-post to the different blogs, the execution job runs all projects. I hope that they can just include one more command to execute the script to run for each individual project instead.

Personal Article Directory

I just downloaded the article directory script and after some configurations, now I got my own personal article directory too, which is networked to other members of ContentFX as well.

You can see the temporary location here =>

I have yet to submit any articles yet. I will inform everyone of my results after doing more tests.

ContentFX 3 day free trial

Our iron clad, 3-day free trial

As the title says, the developers at ContentFX are offering a 3 day free trial to test out their system. Read in detail and review ContentFX and if it can help to enhance your bum marketing efforts.

Just be warned that since the software like auto-blogging scripts and article directory scripts have just been launched, there will be bugs but i believe every function will be improved.  Anyway, there is a 3 day free trial so there is really no harm testing out the system at all.



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Learning From The Wine Guy: Wine Library TV’s Gary Vaynerchuk

Hi Everyone,

Receive an email on a new blog post from Rich Schefren at

It was about Wine Library TV’s Gary Vaynerchuk. You can read the blog post yourself but I do like pointers that I have taken out of context from Rich’s blog:

1 It’s not about what you’re DOING now.

It’s not about what you’re DOING now. It’s about where you’re HEADED…

2 Dream “crazy big”

Dream “crazy big” if you want to hit the “big time”…

3 Embrace “the hoopla factor”

Embrace “the hoopla factor” and be who you are. Don’t be afraid to do things differently. You don’t have to play in a certain category.
You CAN “create a category” instead…

4 Know what’s coming next

Get ahead of “the pulse” by getting into the trenches and FINDING the trends yourself. KNOW what’s coming next…

5 Put your chips on your talent.

Put your chips on your talent. Reinvest in your company’s talent BEFORE you start writing yourself 6-figure paychecks.
And reward your talented staff by creating a FAMILY atmosphere in your business.

6 Learn from market “world’s outside your own …

Investigate and learn from market “worlds” OUTSIDE your own…

7 Embrace “social equity”

Embrace “social equity”… the fact that one person’s word-of-mouth reaches FAR more people now than EVER before.

Watch the video right at the bottom.  Strongly advise you to read the blog post below as well:

Gary’s is straight and not afraid to voice out his opinions. You can learn a lot from the short video, i know i did.


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Happy Mother’s Day And Happy Birthday To Myself Too

Hi Everyone,

First of all, happy mothers to all the mothers out there.  Thanks for all the hard work, including my mum.  Though my mother’s day dinner was pretty funny that we ended up eating MacDonald instead of a proper restaurant, it was at least finally having the entire family having dinner together.Felt good.

As for the restaurant who did not serve us our food after waiting one hour, just wish you will not do that to another customer again.

And next of all, happy birthday to myself.  Thanks my girlfriend for being the first person to wish me too.  (As well as those little characters in your house.)

Assessment For May 2007 to May 2008:

Looking back at one year ago, when i first started my IM discovery, things have certainly moved on, though at a very slow pace.  Took me 9 months to realize that earning money is all about action and another 3 months of writing articles, testing with Adwords, selling Private Label Rights as well as outsourcing.

Sadly, for the month of May, I barely do anything due to my work but counting down to another 3 weeks and I will roughly get a 3 week to 1 month break from work to concentrate on IM and tie up some loose ends.

Till Date: Earnings for this whole year was only $1k plus but my spending on education was definitely more than at least $4k.  So this is a deficit.

Resolution For May 2008 to May 2009

Ultimate Aim: To turn full time and bring in a monthly figure of minimum $3k.

Currently: Bringing in $100 per month.  So I am way off my mark of $3k.  But most importantly, actions are becoming clearer of what works and what does not.

Visualization Target:

– Find partners and spur each other on

– Be an expert in one traffic source

– Outsource, outsource, outsource

– Create 3 personal products

– Be conducting my own IM class by the end of next year.

So let’s get cracking.  First up, my full time IM adventure starts on June 08, after quitting my job.  Woo Hoo!



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