iContentRobot Review Video Part 3: Make Sure You Know What iContentrobot Really Can Do Before You Buy!

In this video, I will address some of the misconceptions about iContentRobot article creator and what you must know if you really think you need this software.

If you need to see the software, this is the link:

iContentRobot Article Software

What you get to watch in the videos…(Please bear with my accent and video quality)..By the way, the video is split between 2 parts.

Point 1 = It is not a rewriter

Point 2 = It is not possible to use the keywords you want to generate the articles on. It is prepared by Latiff. It will be 50 different topics with between 3 -5 different keywords for each topic and you can generate endless articles with these keywords.

Point 3 = Each article does not come up 100% unique each time. But minimum seen so far is between 60% to 70% uniqueness. Bear in mind that Google just requires your articles to be 30% unique in order to avoid the duplicate content penalty so all the articles created by iContentRobot is achieving twice the uniqueness so definitely no Google penalty for duplicate contents.

Point 4 = No articles cannot be completely unique. Meaning if you have a article generated and another subscriber have another article generated as well. It could be similar in certain sentences. But I can teach you how to make it 100% unique in just within 5 minutes.

iContentRobot Review Video 3:

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iContentRobot Review Video 4:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You can just directly view the product at

iContentRobot Article Software


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First Video On iContentRobot Review And Is It Really 4 Seconds? Watch The Videos.

This is my first portion of the video done on using icontentrobot to generate articles.

In the video,

– you will know whether if this software is suitable for you or not.

– when you see the way iContentRobot works, you will know that it can write articles but it is not a article rewriter software so if you are looking for software to rewrite your articles, this is not for you.

– a cool tool that is provided free so that you can compare the original article it produced as well as the new article produced. Look at the video and you can identify those same sentences that are highligted in red.

– little advise on how to make your articles 100% unique instead of just 60% to 70% unique. (Actually, those gurus mention that 30% uniqueness is enough but why not aim for 100% since icontentrobot has done the bulk of work for you.)

Read my full page iContentRobot review at http://www.squidoo.com/MyiContentRobotReview

Or you can just directly view the sales page at

iContentRobot Article Software

Enjoy the videos below.

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icontentrobot review video part 2

This is my second portion of the video done on using icontentrobot to generate articles and how it is like. Check it out and give me some comments.

(I figure that if you read a blog, my video one will be below and my video 2 will be above. So I will be easier if I set the first video above.)

You can view more of my full page iContentRobot review at http://www.squidoo.com/MyiContentRobotReview

Or you can just directly view the sales page at
iContentRobot Article Software

Enjoy the videos below.

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My iContentRobot Review: It Is Like Bum Marketing On Steriods! Writing Articles In Just 4 Seconds Flat!

Hi Everyone,

I just completed my iContentRobot review, an article marketing software and why you should and should not get it.

Please read my squidoo lens and the videos i have posted.

Basically, by the time you have read this iContentRobot review, I believe the starting discount price should be over by now. I just check and there are only 31 places left for the discount price but if you are a article marketer, consider getting this. This icontentrobot is simply amazing.

Is iContentRobot suitable for you?


if you are looking for a software to rewrite your articles, this is not for you.

If you are looking for a cheap software, this is not for you.


If you are trying to save money and time on outsourcing your articles or writing your own articles, then this is the software that you can consider. In 4 seconds, you can get a unique article that is at least 60% to 70% unique from the next few articles that you can generate, just from a click of a button.

Read my squidoo lens here => http://www.squidoo.com/MyiContentRobotReview

This is like bum marketing on steriods, pumping at 4 seconds per article.

If you want to read the full sales page, please follow this link instead

=> iContentRobot Article Software

Hope you have enjoyed icontentrobot review. Thanks for reading.



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Testing Social Bookmarking And How It Works


Diary for 24/03/2008, written another 5 articles and submitted it to ezinearticles.com.

But I just realized one thing. As a platinum member, my articles seem to get approve alot slower than when I was a basic upgrade member. I think your articles will tend to get approve slower when you are either in the basic or platinum membership as most people are in that 2 category.

But if you are in the basic upgrade membership, it seems that less people are in that category and therefore, the articles seem to get approve faster. Anyway, it was just my findings. Not sure if i am too overly sensitive.

Tested this socializer tool for web 2.0 as well. It is use for bookmarking a particular site you like to multiple social bookmarking sites. Test it out if you want.


OO….found a new content writer tool. Thinking of buying it to write articles. I shall buy and test to see if it really works.



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Sharing My Health Niche Research Traffic Findings Solely From Article Marketing For The Past 2 Months

My research is based on small traffic between 20 to 100 visitors a day. And this is purely just using articles to drive traffic and it is only submitted to ezinearticles. If you have more than 100 visitors to your website, then you need not read this blog because you are already in a different league.


I am just at an exploring stage, trying to hit 200 subscribers. From Sep 07 till now, my monthly sales is around $50 and just last month, it almost hit $100. The target will be to bring in $500 per month from just this one website. It started out as a opt-in cum review page in sep 07, and became just a review page from oct 07 to mid jan 08, and it became a sole landing page to capture subscribers since then.

I have submitted around 100 articles for the health niche already. And below are my findings as well as advise.

Strategy Traffic Research:

If you are intending to attack the health market niche, I can offer some advise through my tracking of the traffic patterns. I will be writing this randomly.

1 -If you are using articles, target only ezinearticles.com as it approves your articles within hours of submitting during their office hours. But they do not approve any articles during the weekends.

2 – Do not bother submitting with any other article directories at the moment. I have tried any article directories and since tuesday, 5 of the article directories i submitted have not even approve any articles. Pathetic.

3 – Always try to submit your articles between monday to wednesday. Forget about traffic on thursday to sundays. The traffic will still come but it is not a lot. I think that as the weekend approaches, people want to enjoy going out, eating great food and no one wants to think about weight loss until the end of the week. This is when they start to find weight loss solutions and therefore, for the first 3 days of the week, I will tend to see a surge in traffic.

4 – The beginning week of the month is when a sale is mostly likely to occur. If you miss this window, then mostly likely you will have to wait till the end of the month to see another sale. Reasons could be the same as point 3.

5 – When writing your keywords, always place your keywords in the title of the article, the first sentence of your opening paragraph, the first sentence in your conclusion and one more time to have the keywords appear in the body of the article.

6 – If you are aiming your keywords, use the quotes “keywords” when checking your competition as well as check if there is any squidoo lens or ezine articles ranking on the first page of googles. If there is, then if you are submitting to ezinearticles, then your chances of your articles appearing on the first page of googles can be very high as well. So far, this method has produced many first page rankings for my ezine articles.

7 – Contrary to what many people say about not writing the same keywords twice for 2 different articles, if you are just submitting to just ezinearticles, then you better keep writing articles that targets your keywords. This is because there will always be competitors who will want the same keywords and your articles will most likely get kicked off and being replaced by his.

8 – Social bookmark your articles as well. Get your friends to vote, bookmark your articles to give your articles more weight to stay on the first page of googles.

9 – To optimally achieve 100 visitors, the best will be to submit at least 5 articles per day. I manage to garner 500 visitors in total for 7 days by submitting 20 articles from monday to thursday. Since ezinearticles do not approve any during the weekends, I had no way to increase more traffic.

10 – It works best to tell everyone you have a free gift at your website when writing your bio box. I made several test on different bio box description but best is still to tell readers you have free gift.

11 – If you are collecting opt-ins, due to the need to get double confirmation from subscribers, put a link to your affiliate product so that when they are on the sent to the second page of your landing page that requires them to confirm their email, place your affiliate link there and make it enticing to them to click on it.

Remarks for point 11:

Usually, if a person is willing to click on your bio box to go to your landing page and sign up as well, they are already consider targeted customers. And if they are still willing to click on the affiliate link after signing up, the chance of them buying are very high. My statistics shows me that for every 33 readers who click on this link, 1 will definitely buy. So far, it has been pretty accurate.

So for now, if i can get more traffic, I will provide more findings and tips. Hope you find value in this post compared to my other daily posts. Give me any comments if you like or do not like what I have written.



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