Problems Arising With What should I do?

Hi Friends,

Recently, I was experimenting with a product from, or formerly known as While I was looking for advice on how to market physical products, I came across these 2 websites.

There have been complains of how is stealing affiliates profits so I wonder what do you think after reading this 2 blogs that I found.

Comments anyone? Should MarketHealth be trusted? Or should I stop promoting their product and change another?


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Distribute X-Factor And Earn $1 Per Person Who Download

Hi Friends,

This is time again for another free money chance. I love this kind of income. For every person who downloads the affiliate report, you get to earn $1 and the best part is, if the other person manages to get others to download the report as well, you earn 50 cents. All in US dollars. So click on the link and start distributing the report and earn some spare cash.



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Frank Kern Advise On Positioning Yourself As The Mother Teresa Of Your Market

Great video from Frank Kern (Creator Of Mass Control Revealed) again!

I shall say no more, watch the video presentation, which was recorded at Rich Schefren’s Disney World power-packed speakers seminar. But my favourite is still Frank Kern’s presentation. And that is why he got the longest standing ovation at the seminar.

You can find more videos of the different speakers at

Listen to 1 hour of marketing strategies by Frank Kern at Frank Kern Mass Control Revealed

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Ewen Chia Super Affiliates March Videos

My Testing Of Using To Display Videos.  The website allows you to upload any types of movie formats but the criteria is that the videos must be done by you and not any movies or shows, which youtube allows.

Just did a testing and it seems way better than youtube I think.  By the way, this blog post was created from directly and I need not even log into my own blog to write this post.

Sorry for the lousy video quality but one thing I like is that it allows me to add comments when the video is running so that I can show viewers what I want them to see at the particular part of the video.

Enjoy and go exlore

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Special Offer For Frank Kern Mass Control Revealed Just For You

Hi Guys,

I just posted a very cheap but valuable offer on one of the best marketing people in the business, Frank Kern.

Frank Kern Mass Control Revealed

After his recently successful launch of Mass Control, he is back with more power-packed information, and after acquiring the resale rights, I would like give the first 20 readers a totally inexpensive offer (the price will go back to original once 20 people have bought it) that I believe no one is able to match at this price. Do your homework, and if you think it is worth it, give it a try.

If you miss his mass control launch, then this is your chance to grab more cheeky and millionaire dollar information from him at this irresistible price. (Only for the first 20 people.)

Frank Kern Mass Control Revealed



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My First Attempt At Pushing Videos To Youtube And Squidoo

Hi Friends,

Suddenly, I had the urge to do a video on Ewen Chia Super Affiliates membership site and out of the moment, suddenly the thought came to mind to upload the videos into youtube as well as place the links into squidoo.

Please give me some support and watch the videos (Just to satify the views~~Not sure what to expect at the moment.)

Anyway, please view this squidoo link that I have created.

Have A Great Weekend,


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