My Jan Edition Of “Does Bum Marketing Works”? Luckily It Shows Me It Can Worked.

Hi Everyone,

Want to thank Hannie for the encouraging comment. You are definitely one of my role model.  By the way, for those who don’t know her, you can find her at  She is one person I know who has improved so dramatically in her Affiliate Marketing skills.  Definitely someone who can learn from.

Anyway, abit of update, I am still down with cough and flu.  It started since Xmas and I have still not recovered.  But in between this time, I have been asking for advise and I found someone who is quietly successful and is willing to reply my emails too.  Thanks Craig from     He has been giving me some advise whenever I email to him with my questions on how to improve my online business.

Previously, I was doing an experiment on a niche (nothing to do with internet marketing but highly competitive) .  I was first using a opt-in page (collected 18 leads) , then I changed the page to a review page (no longer capturing opt-in), and driving traffic to the page via article marketing.

My efforts was that I have almost 2000 over unique visitors over the course of September, October, November and December.  And my conversion rate pretty suck because I have been getting 1 sale a month.  I was not happy and I decided I really needed help.

On 30th Dec 2007, I send an email to Craig and receive his reply on 4th January 2008.  I quickly made the necessary changes and on 15th January 2008, I change my main website into a opt-in page and the whole point was to capture leads.


Leads = 30 opt-ins within 15 days.  Conversion sucks cause I have much more traffic but at least I understand why everyone “must” build a list.  Products I offer was from other affiliate websites, emails I sent out belongs to other affiliate as well.  What was truly developed by me was the website.

Sales: $40.18 In Jan 08.  Only 1 sale.

But this one sale was different for me.  Because at last count, I have a total of 48 leads in total with 1 sale.  I was afraid that since my emphasis was no longer on promoting affiliate products immediately, I figure my tradition of having 1 sale a month will be broken.

But lo and behold, that one sale (I think it was an up-sell) was enough to make me happy that efforts have been bearing fruits.  Like Ewen Chia always say “The money is in the list“.  Finally agree.

Time to make some tweaks to the opt-in page and next target will be to increase the leads to at least 150 by february for this one website and see if i can increase sales by developing more value of my own products and not taking the free stuff from other affiliate marketers if possible.  Though I am spending more than I am earning, I have confidence that I will convert this one website to a profit making website.

I am not sure who is usually reading my blog but thanks to Donald, Hannie and especially thanks to Craig as well. And yes, thanks to all the article writers who I have out-source to.



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Review On Ewen Chia Super Affiliates And Newbie Cash Machine On Squidoo

Hi Friends,

I have created 2 lenses on the newbie cash machine and super affiliates, both product by ewen chia.

Please have a look and tell me what you think.  And if you find it ok, can you vote for my lense too?


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The Bum Marketing Method Journeys Continues For Year 2008

Hi friends,

Since I have been trying to figure out how my bum marketing journey should continue for the year 2008, I realise it’s been a long time since I last updated this businesspeanuts blog. I wish I can say I have been earning alot of money but sadly, it was part of these 3 reasons.

First reason, been trying to learn some much more about the online business that I have been exploring everyone’s method. Found these very good websites that I have learnt alot from:

Reading these 3 person’s blogs have increased my online marketing knowledge to new heights. Now is action time. Implementing their strategies to achieve the levels of earnings I want. Which is getting at least $3k a month at least.

Second reason, been viewing through all my article writers, selecting and outsourcing to some very fast and good writers. Though there were some who tried to cheat me with exact replicates of articles from other websites, there was always a good bright spot among those who submitted their articles to me. For those who want to check the articles originality, use this website:

Third reason: I have been down with fever during xmas and new year, been coughing until now. What a way to start the new year. Imagine spending all your time on bed, coughing and drowning yourself with medicines. …..

Any targets for the new year for you?

This is what I have done:

– I wrote down the amount of money I want to earn per day, which is $100 and stick the post-it on my laptop, my notebook and soon, will paste a big $100 in my room too.

– Wrote down a set of instructions on how to make my articles rank high for each post I post on ezinearticles.

– Spend less on IM products and it is time to spend on outsourcing my projects.

Good materials I have bought recently (If you are interested, this is my affiliate link too :Þ)

Jo Han Mok’s Pill Gates Interview and mindset change

(Hint: It has absolutely nothing to do with ‘information’ products)
As you read every word on that webpage, you’ll realize how this ‘different’ approach allows you to make money quicker, easier and in much larger chunks that you’re used to.

It gives me a more open concept on how to market health products and remember, you will not be learning new affiliate marketing techniques but true business thinking.

I have been reading up on 5 bucks a day project too. Will give my views next time.

Thanks for reading, time to carry on walking this bum marketing method journy, but do  leave me a comment or any questions u have.

Have a good weekend,


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