Interesting Article On =>Take a Whiff of Aroma Ads

While taking a break from work and my internet activities, I came across this article that is really interesting.

In Japan, it is the power of smell that advertisers are going to target. You can expect to walk into a shopping mall and at different times of day, there will be different aromas being released to attract consumers to products, to heighten your feelings and even lightens your mood.

The most interesting test was done in this building where they place free chocolates. When the advertisers release an aroma of vanilla in the building, they found that more people will actually eat the chocolates.

Frankly speaking, I do not like this kind of advertising. It is good for advertisers but bad for consumers. You are being induced with smell to buy. It’s like giving you drugs in a stall, get you addicted and by the time you reach home, you wonder why you will buy so much chocolates.

But I would not mind if this was done in the cinemas. Imagine in the cinemas, you already have shows using sights and sounds to scare, to excite and induce sadness. Imagine adding smell as well.

The smell of kentucky fried chicken going around the cinema when the movie is involving scenes of the actors having dinner.

And burning smell if the movie is about fire. Only problem I foresee is that if the directors know the movie is lousy, they might release some smell that makes you think otherwise.

Have a read at this article.

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