Roadblock To Creating A Free Report

Have you ever get stuck trying to write a new article or a new post, even a new report for a niche that you are doing.

If you have the same feeling, you are not alone. This occurs to most of us.

Often you can hear many people, who just started out as internet marketer, experience problems like where to find information online, not enough knowledge of their chosen niche, etc, etc. People will tell you to use googles and find websites, or buy PLR products, or search for free books in the public domains.

Well, let me share a bit of my experience. I am a IT guy who DOES NOT Like to do things online. When I read, I prefer to print out to read. Similarly, if i need information, I will always drop by the libraries. For those who live in Singapore, there is a library in almost every few locations. I love it when I have piles and piles of books for me to view through.

So if you ever encounter problems of writing, just drop by to your nearest library. There are so many ideas in so many books, and the best part, there is no cost incurred at all.

Signing off,
Andrew Choong

Another Method To Prevent You From Saying You Have No Ideas To Write

For many veteran bloggers, they know where to go for news and read other A-list bloggers posts and then get inspiration for their niche.

But for new bloggers, you may not really know where to keep getting new information to learn or get inspiration for your next post.

Why consider exploring Google itself. There are so many functions in googles that we barely make use of. Whenever you go to the google main page, click on the About Google link. The page that loads contains so many tools that you can use to gain knowledge. You can use Google trends to find the search volume by people, you can also read the google news as well as use Google Adwords tool to find keywords.

But the one favourite of mine is the Google Alerts. You can request Google to send you a daily report of all the websites that contains the keywords you specify. Personally, I have subscribe to 4 keywords and everyday I will receive 4 daily reports for each different keyword that I specify. The email will show the different websites and blogs that contains the keywords and their latest posts.

So try it out. Another no excuse on nothing to write method.

Enjoy your day!
Andrew Choong

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Write 7 Blog Posts For 7 Days In Just 4 hours A Week.

Hi All,

On many occasions, we will always face this problem. When we first started blogging, we will try to blog everyday, some even 3 times a day. But as time goes by, especially when you do not see any results, we will feel depress and soon, you find yourselves blogging less and from 1 post a day, it becomes 1 post in 3 days, and eventually, you just do not feel like blogging at all.

I had just experience this problem. Even though I was busy with a number of niche projects, as a group or individual project, I gave myself the excuse that I do not have time to write. But when I look back, I still had time to catch tv programmes, read a few comic books, and going out with friends. So how can I be busy if I have time for my social life as well. It was all boiled down to commitment.

I was thinking how I could solve my personal crisis and I remember Andrew Tan of recommended the book, the 4 hour work week.

And a lightbulb virtually hit into my head! For those who know me, I could write 10 articles in 3 hours if I have the inspiration.

And another lightbulb hit my head, namely from Yanik Silver’s newsletter. He was always using a mindmap to see all the processes before implementing any new projects.

So I combine the 2 lightbulbs which hit my head and gave me a good headache, and this idea was born. Mindmap all the topics that I have learnt, experience, and write 7 posts for 7 days in just 4 hours a week. There will always be ideas so why not write everything down in 4 hours and then you can just select one post to be publish every day and you need not write anything else for the rest of the week.

What do you think of this method?

Andrew Choong

(PS: I have already written 7 post so all I am doing now is just releasing one blog everyday and not writing anything.)

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Good Websites To Learn And Get Inspired!

I was surfing through the web and I found some high ranking and highly inspirational websites.

Good Website

First up is the 5staraffiliateprograms that I was reading. It contains alot of advise on the different affiliate programs that I did not know. I supposed all the programs that are recommended are all 5 stars.

Internet Reality Show: The Next Internet Millionaire

Next up is the cool up coming show on August 15th, 2007. It is the next internet millionaire show. The short trailer seems pretty cool, and maybe we can learn some techniques of how they go about running their business. It should be interesting to see a millionaire in the making as well as pick up some free tips. Joel Comm, the internet guru who is an adsense expert, wrote the best selling amazon and new york times best seller, The Adsense Code, is the host and executive producer of the show. Check out next internet millionaire.


And the third blog is really inspirational for me. Why? Because this guy travels around the world and earns money just from his laptop. Check out his blog at

Isn’t this the ideal life???

I was reading about his profile and he was even interviewed by Business 2.0. Amazing. Imagine yourself enjoying the sandy beaches in thailand, or travelling around europe and yet you can earn money using your laptop. Talk about the ideal lifestyle of an internet marketer. He just manage to reach his USD$10k a month target and guess what, he is only 35 at the moment.

Check out the recommendations.

Signing Off,
Andrew Choong

Found A Good Post About Singapore’s Poverty From

Just want to say what a good post by Andrew Tan from Made me think a lot about the society in Singapore.

To Andrew Tan, I was thinking of leaving a comment on your blog but as I wrote, it became longer and now it suddenly become long enough for a blog post. So I figure, why not treat it like a tag and continue this discussion on my blog too. Hopefully I will not offend anyone in this post. I have a slight belief in the way Singaporeans view their government and how I view the singapore government (since I am a malaysian living in Singapore).

Poverty is happening around the world and not just Singapore. Just look at Bill Gates for example, he will be donating almost 80% of his wealth to charity foundations, or hong kong’s Richard Li donating their money to help fight poverty but we are not seeing much better results around the world. There seem to be too much poverty and not enough man power to put a stop to it.

I once had this strange theory bubbling in my mind.

The word “Balance” comes to mind. When there is good, there is bad. And where there are riches, there will be poverty. Without the bad, how can the meaning of “good” exist. Similar for poverty. We cannot categorize the old people in the videos we see as poverty (Go to to watch the video). Rather, i know this may sound cruel, but we chose the path which will lead us to where we will be tomorrow.

Through a few experiences while I did that very little*2 bit of volunteer work did I realized some of the situation of the kind of elder generation that live in poverty.

Some situations:

– There are so many businessmen who suffered from their failures and can never stand up to fight back again. They also lose their will to live. They will beg, if there were donations, they will eat, if not, they will just sleep the night away.

– Some older generation refuse to let their kids look after them, they run away from home, but with no help, they will resort to begging, and collecting trash cans for a living.

– Some of them never receive any education but work the hard way, and never had any family. So when their age caught up with them, and with very little savings, and the fact that nobody wants to employ them anyway. Poverty catches up with them.

– The loss of family members through accidents made them lose their will to live. And with the loss of loved ones, there was no hope or aim in their life.

– Lack of financial education. This does not only happen to the older generation, it is still happening among us. We can fall into poverty if we do not educate ourselves to prepare for what the future has installed for us.

Actually, from my understanding, there should be government help available. Only problem is whether do the folks in the video we saw want the government’s help (from my understanding, many of them refuse any kind of help). I have met social workers and they are trying their best to give as much help as possible. But life of a social worker is tough, and the salary is not as attractive. So the lack of manpower also prevents charity organizations from spreading their wings to help more people.

Sometimes I wonder, are the poverty situation in Singapore different from the rest of the world. If you have been overseas, whether in thailand, where you see so many beggars, or in China, where I have seen worst cases. I have seen families that were so poor in Malaysia that they were living in a durian plantation, with just a small little roof over their heads and nothing else.

And when I come back to Singapore, I will still think, the situation may not be as bad. There are still rooms for improvement but it should not just come out from the government. A nation starts from its people, so let us do our part without waiting for the government, to give that extra helping hand.

Many times I have heard people complain about the government, but look around the other countries, their government, their security. I do not believe in getting anything from the government, other than they fulfill the basic necessity of water, electricity and a safe society. The rest, with our own hands, we can built our own future, and in the process, extend that extra helping hand to friends in need.

Hopefully no one felt offended,
Signing off,
Andrew Choong

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Launch Of My New Apple Iphone For Christmas Blog

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I have updated my blogs. Gone were the days that I could keep blogging about trying to make money online. I was always feeling uncomfortable when I first started writing blogs about my journey to make money online. The more I wrote, the more frustrated I become as I still do not really know how to get money coming in.

And after oneday, things started to change for the better. Though I was still doing offline methods, I was able to get friends to get new domain web host under me and I finally broke the deadlock and got my first sale in clickbank as well. The happiest moment was when I got my check from bluehost. Previously I blog about my first check but due to some stupid mistakes I made, all my august blog posts are gone. Anyway I just want to share this best moment here.

Already cash the check but still waiting for the money to be transferred to me. I just talk to bluehost and they could actually transfer the money to paypal so it is better for fellow internet marketers who are staying outside of the US.

Previously, I stated that I wanted to earn $1000 from the affiliate marketing for the month of August. I have a few projects in the pipeline and but somehow, the target of $1000 for the month of August seems like a mile away. Never mind, I will keep pumping out projects, modifying and keep learning all the way. Most important is that there must be action in order to get a reaction.

Anyway, I have just recently setup a new blog that focuses on the Apple Iphone craze. It took a lot of planning and research (ok, it actually took me 3 full man-days to research all the avenues). Do give my new domain the support. Really need it. And the best part is that has not indexed my new domain. So imagine how new it is.

So left some comments there if you can, and tell me how I can improve. Thank you for reading.


Andrew Choong