Enjoyment For The Weekend! Transformers is AWESOME!!! And Music & Lyrics Is Romantic.

After coming out of my army training, I decided to give myself a break and will start doing more landing pages on monday. But on Sunday, I manage to catch 2 movies.

First movie was Transformers The Movie. It was absolutely, superbly, ultimately AWESOME!!

transformers movie

Almost all of my friends have watched the movie except me. So I pestered my girlfriend to watch with me. It brought back so many memories and though some have said that they did not enjoy transformers, for me, I loved it! No doubts about it.

Optimus Prime => Leader of the Autobots

Bumblebee => Lovable character of the Autobots

HotRod => Weapons Specialist

Iron-hide => One Tough Cookie of a Robot
Megatron => Leader of the Decepticons

Starscream => Always scheming to take over Megatron as the leader of the decepticons

I cannot really remember the rest of the transformers. If you have not catch the movie, please do catch it now. I will definitely buy the DVD for collection too.

By the way, check out the website => http://www.transformersmovie.com/

The website is pretty cool too.

transformers movie website

The second movie I watch was getting the DVD for the movie, music and lyrics. Ok, I have to admit I am a Huge Grant and Drew Barrymore fan. Only for their movies about romance. Movies like 4 weddings and a funeral, last Christmas, the holidays, I am shy to say that I am big fans of such movies. If you are in for a romantic movie, do watch this movie from your nearest rental DVD shop.
music & lyrics movies

The official website => http://musicandlyrics.warnerbros.com/

Enjoy the movies!

Finally Backed From My Annual ICT And Time To Continue My Journey!!

Hi all,

I have finally completed another year of my annual army training and now I have just 2 more years of reservist to go. I can’t wait for the day when the army gives me the certificate that will declare that I will no longer be call back for army trainings anymore.

For everyone who does not know, in Singapore, all Singaporeans and 2nd generation permanent residents must serve the country for 2 years in the army. And once you have completed your 2 years of national service, you are still required to report back to the army once almost every year, for a total of 10 times. It can be a short 5 day stint, and it can be as long as 3 to 4 weeks of army trainings. For me, I have already attended 8 trainings, and another 2 more years and I will have completed the requirements.

To be frank, everyone will feel irritated to be called back for training but when you are finally back in camp, awaiting for instructions, suddenly there is a feeling of relief as well.

We are always stressful in our work environments as well as our own home, and entering the army seems to take away the stress that you will face in our everyday life. And when you meet all your camp mates, suddenly, we can talk about anything. We refer to conversations that we have in the army as “talk cock sing song”. We can chat about politics, the army, medical, cars, work life, all the funny happenings that we saw during our trainings.

I usually declare myself brain-dead whenever I am required to go back to camp. All the tough army trainings that we may have in the day, we all release the tension at night. We will chat and chat until the wee hours of the morning. Imagine all the topics that we can converse especially since we only get to see everyone once a year.

Anyway, I am finally back to civilization and after a pause to my internet marketing journey, it is time to get back on the road and find my pot of gold.

Thanks for reading.

Temporary Pause To My Internet Marketing Journey

I will be going back for my army reservists training on Tuesday and it has been a pretty tiring weekend. Before I disappear for a few days, let me leave you with some nice moments.
It has been a pretty busy weekend. All my relatives came from Malaysia to attend the biggest Choong family event of the year. It’s my youngest sister’s wedding. It’s a inter-racial wedding and it was indeed an experience. At least I am glad my sister found a good husband and he can get along well with our family too. Here are some photos of the events.


Before my sister’s husband came, we had a short moment together, including the youngest member of the family, Wan ting baby.

Take a family photo before the cake is cut.

2nd photos

Hee hee, Chino Choong, our member of the family dressing up for the occasion too.

chino dress well

 Friends and relatives, puppies and baby too.

family and relatives

Finally, at the end of the day, our puppies were died-tired.

chino and coco

I will include some more photos when I finish my reservist training.Anyway, I am glad everyone in our businesspeanuts group have setup their blogs. Please give more support to my friends.






Friends, I finally have everyone on board and having a blog. Let’s move on to the next stage of our project.

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