Stupid Mistake After Publishing An Article In

When I first started trying out affiliate marketing, this was one of the first products that I tried to sell. I tried doing article marketing but writing articles on Ewen Chia’s Newbie Cash Machine but I did not setup any landing page nor did I really do any recommendations in my blog itself.

I was very naive to think that visitors will come straight to my blog and just click on the picture of Newbie Cash Machine and buy. And I thought maybe I did not write the article good enough, so I stopped pushing the product for a while. And as time goes by, and my knowledge improves, I decided to see how what I did wrong for this newbie cash machine.

So i decided to type “ewen chia newbie cash machine” into google and search for it. My article appeared on the first page, but it was on the almost towards the end.

search newbie cash machine

I was pretty happy to see that at least it appeared on the first page of googles. As I happily click on my article, I realised one very*2 important element missing in my article.

As I was reading my article, I realized that there was no link back to my businesspeanuts blog. And when I click on my profile, there was no mention of my blog at all too.




Even when I click on “Contact this CP”, there was no mention of my blog anywhere. Can you believe it!!! I did not every realized this mistake after almost 2 months.

For all the newbies out there, do not make the same mistake I made.

I got 30 page views for this article (and supposedly would get paid 30 cents but associatedcontent does not pay anyone who lives outside of the US). Imagine 30 page views and none of them know my blog. What a waste of efforts in writing. 30 views may be small but it is still traffic and it is wasted.


At least I finally solve the problem and hopefully get a bit more traffic by writing more articles and maybe get some sales as well.


update associatedcontent profile

See the Affiliations. Finally, I can see my blog and landing page at my profile page. This is really a lesson learn. I think I better check on the article directories that I have submitted my articles and see if I made the same mistake.

Time to sign off and do more checking. Thank you for reading my businesspeanuts ramblings.

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Applying The Law Of Attraction To Implementing Your Internet Marketing Journey

When I first started my internet marketing venture, the experience was like this (in short form):

1) Excited
2) Buy and buy
3) Read and read
4) Lost in direction and lack of sleep
5) Buy and buy then start a blog like everyone about “making money online”, lack of ideas, doubts
6) Lost and frustrated
7) Constantly trying to find a mentor
8) Disappointed
9) Lack more sleep
10) Keep looking
11) Set realistic targets
12) Talk to more experience people
12) Form a businesspeanuts group
13) Hang it in there
14) Finally see some results
15) Can sleep better and earlier these days
15) Saw some cash coming in
16) Found a good mentor
17) Focus Focus Focus

As I have gathered some good friends (everyone of them are aspiring businessmen and businesswomen, always on the lookout for opportunities) to come on-board with me on this journey, and the funny thing was, I notice some of them are already beginning to form some traits that I have encountered as well. It was like a mirror-image, a reflection of I started my road to internet marketing, and maybe some of the other fellow marketers as well.

I realized that target setting and being focus, being positive very important but sometimes difficult to do, and it boils down to the word “discipline”. Laziness can happen, and I am very guilty of that in many occasions.

But I realized one way how to make myself pump up again, and that will be to see my targets everyday, and start imagining myself already achieving it. And when you open your eyes, something strange always happen. Suddenly you know what you should do, how to achieve and feel the burning passion in you to grab your target regardless of any mental blocks you have in your mind.

The book “The Secrets” woken me up to this point. I realized that I have been using “The law of attraction” to getting my degree, my jobs, my friends and win my girlfriend’s heart too.

But when it came to business, I suddenly have no confidence and I have no focus. I failed to position myself as a successful businessman, thus, there was no passion to follow through any ventures I had and giving up easily when I see difficulties.

So for everyone who is reading this (businesspeanuts group included), imagine yourself already earning your target amount, and imagine yourself spending it, you must really feel the money in your hands. Then open your eyes, look at your targets and start pumping!

Not TRY, is DO IT!

(PS: For Businesspeanuts group, if you are reading this, please check your email for all the tasks to be done and the main discussion on Wednesday night. I will send you more emails shortly for more materials to plan for a product.)

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Traffic Generation Experiment: Spicy Page Vote for Me Experiment

Did you notice a voting system like the picture below. It is actually quite interesting. I got 24 votes in exactly 4 days. Not bad considering I did not do much except place the picture there. It generated some form of traffic for me too.


I started experimenting with this website by doing something very simple.


I shall remain login for the whole day. Reason being that whenever you remain login, your picture profile stays on the main page of everyone who just joined or login. Out of maybe 20 visitors, maybe 1 will click on me to find out who I am. Maybe I should have used a avatar that capture attention instead of my photo but heck, I prefer to show myself. Let’s see how many people can I get to vote for me, or come to my blog this way.

The normal way will be to vote for more people, and if they reciprocate, they will vote for you and maybe drop by your blog. I don’t have plans to do that yet. Let’s try this experiment first. I wonder if there is a fixed timing in spicy page that automatically logs you out if they detect that there is no activity.






Results of My Experiment:

test_results On the first 2 days of joining, I did not login but my profile did appear under the new members list so I guess that was how 2 person came to my blog.



And on 25 and 26, I decided to just login to the website and just let it be. Reason being that once you login in, your photo will actually show up on the members last login page. I did not really talk to anyone but I manage to receive 3 comments from fellow members there.  As you can see, june 25, I receive 4 visitors and on june 26, i receive 6 visitors.  And I did not really do much except reciprocate to maybe 3 or 4 people who have voted for me.

As my blog traffic is not very higher, it is pretty easy to track the traffic flowing in.  Basically I know that my traffic mostly comes from, some from, and  And with this new discovery, is bringing in some traffic as well.

Check out all these websites that I have mentioned if you are a new blogger.

Thanks for reading.

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I Totally Recommend To Read Secret About The Clickbank Junkie

Just want to recommend about this article that I receive from Mark Daoust from

After reading this article recommended by Mark, I just had to recommend it here. I was totally intrigue about his journey and his success in promoting a niche that is not internet marketing. We need more of such stories.


Jerry Moore was like so many other affiliate marketers who had heard about using Adsense with Clickbank to make a living. But like so many other affiliates, he was going broke.

Then he broke through.

Jerry explains in detail how he turned around from a Clickbank junkie going broke to a successful marketer. He reveals the sites he used, the keywords he used, and every other detail (some that he isn’t too proud of) into a very successful business.

Click on the below link to read his full story. He actually goes into quite detail on how he used adwords to advertise in specific states and he even tells you the niche he was using. I did not validate his article but to me, it provides valuable advice. (Hannie, this article might be of use to you for your Adwords Campaign.)

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Project Niche Marketing

Hi everyone,

Seems like I am beginning to have less and less time for blogging.

Reason being:

1 – Preparing a user manual for my friends on blogging for newbies on the internet. If they can understand and learn from the manual, maybe I can use it as bait for a free report or maybe sell it at a very cheap price to get some traffic, maybe some affiliate links as well. (JV anyone?)
2 – Focusing on a niche marketing product with a mastermind group which is pretty interesting but alot of learning to do.

3 – My friend is working on a health fitness product and I shall help him market it out. Another personal challenge on the Internet.

4 – Personal project. I will be setting a list of action plans for a niche market that I find quite interesting and see if it can worked! Now is 25 June 2007, and I shall update everyone with a weekly report and by the end of one month, I shall report my earnings report card.

I shall incorporate “The Secrets” teachings and think positive. A person must always set a personal challenge and fulfill it so that we can move to a higher level of any given profession. Another reason I wrote it here is because since I announce it here, I have given myself a “no excuse” clause to not do anything. So please give me your support and leave some comments.

Thank you for reading!

(PS: To all my businesspeanuts group members, I shall be preparing a list of steps for you. I am still doing it but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.)

Give your support for the following new bloggers.

Please give the following blogs your support:

Healthy Living Recommendations

Recently, I have taken a liking for organic food and its health results as well. In recent years, we are beginning to see a constant demand of living a healthy lifestyle but there are so many tasty (and unhealthy) food, we are losing our battle against illness.

I had high blood pressure for a few years, and it was only until last year, while I was on a salad diet that I lost alot of weight and healthier and more refresh. After that, I stop my salad diet and started on a food rampage again. After feeling guilty for so long (ok, maybe a bit of regrets but the food was really good), I have decided to start living healthy again. Join me if you will.

If you are into organic food, and want to have a healthy living, why not check out this new blog. It is pretty interesting to learn some of the health benefits that you can have from eating and growing your own organic greens.

Testing this portion on playing youtube videos: Choose a simpsons trailer to test (I am a nutty fan of simpsons)
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Never Neglect The Potential of Offline Marketing

Finally recover from my cough and flu.  Just nice to enjoy the weekends.

Current progress, I have got 5 friends who have sign up their domain under me and we will proceed to work together for a project.  I will guide them on setting up the blogs so that they can learn and we will brainstorm on a new product together as well.  Getting excited with the strategy that we are planning for our internet marketing journey.  They will also buy 1 affiliate product under me as well.  Offline marketing.
Trying to come up with a manual on the step-by-step from installing wordpress, setup the FTP connection until changing of the themes of wordpress so that all 5 of my friends can use just this one manual.  Maybe I can use this experience to help other friends to setup their account, in exchange for them to sign their domain hosting from me.

Alot of times, we are always thinking of making money online but we should not ignore the offline world as well.  Some gurus charge such a high price for their courses but at the end of the day, the students just did not really learn anything. So I will rather have no charges for any of my friends except for them to sign their domain through me.

And working in a group is also good in the sense that each person can just buy 1 product and we can have 5 person sharing 5 products as well.   And think about this, 5 people, each person can be assign one task, one just goes to forum, one goes to leave comments, one source for videos, and each person writes one article per week and you have 5 per week.  If everyone does according to plan, we are going to have some fun times.

That’s all for now.  I am really behind time on creating my new landing page. Stay in tune for my progress for affiliate marketing.

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